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How to choose which Beauty Shamans tool is going to be the best fit for you! 


Q: Do you absolutely NEED a tool to perform a skincare ritual? 

A: No. Your hands are the best tools you could ever use because they carry your unique self healing energy, and they’re incredibly versatile. That said, there's no denying that special tools can make our skincare rituals feel sacred. A good tool becomes an extension of your hands, and if used properly, can deliver many benefits to the skin, face, and spirit. 

If you're like me, you're going to want a few different tools in your collection. I love having the option of choosing which tool I'm going to use each night, it's like deciding what present I want to open! The tool chosen ends up guiding the ritual, making it easier for me to set my intentions and be more mindful in my practice. 


Here is a quick guide on what tool is best for what kind of lifestyle or ritual: 


Energy Wand 

Best for: All levels, and especially great for beginners or someone looking for an easy routine. 

Special features: This wand vibrates 6,000 times per minute helping to mobilize lymph fluid, increase skin circulation, awaken skin cells, and help push products into the skin. The vibrations are soothing to the nervous system. You can use this tool with light pressure in brush strokes to use as a "gua sha" tool or you can simply move it around in circles all over the face when you want a quick pick-me-up. This wand requires a AA battery. 

Sturdiness: Delicate stone, sturdy handle. May break if dropped.


Classic Medicine Woman Tool/Nephrite Jade Medicine Woman Tool 

Best for: Especially great for beginners or people who want to maintain a basic Gua Sha practice. 

Special features:

The extra large comb is a powerful part this tool that helps promote healing. We have many stress relieving points on the scalp along with lymph vessels that, when backed up, can lead to brain fog or fatigue. The extra large comb allows you to carry your practice from the base on the neck all the way through your hair to the tip of the head. We call this the Medicine Woman Tool because it allows you to step into the role of becoming your own Beauty Shaman (beauty healer). 

Difference between Classic and Nephrite: The Classic tool has a more textured surface so it is superior for "catching" lymph fluid under the skin. You can think of this rougher texture as "training wheels" because even with improper pressure, you're likely to still see results. The Nephrite Jade variety has a very smooth finish. This feels cooler and silkier on the skin, and glides easily with hardly any product on your skin. It truly feels like pure luxury when in use. However, if used with too much oil it can slip across the skin too easily, reducing results. The key with Gua Sha is finding the balance between sliding and catching lymph to be carried out. 

Sturdiness: Delicate. Breaks easily if dropped. Keep away from tile and stone.

Obsidian Roller 

Best for: Especially beginners or someone who wants a tool for an easy routine. Ideal for anyone who wants a "gua sha" tool and the feeling of light cupping all in one.  

Special features:

The shape of the obsidian rocks provides slight suction on the skin when you roll it, so it helps increase circulation and release stagnant lymph. The rocks are also designed to capture superficial lymph under the skin (without you needing to adjust the pressure) so it's great for a beginner who wants an easy routine and minimal chance of incorrect use. 

Sturdiness: Delicate stone, sturdy handle. May break if dropped.



Venus Sculpting Tool 

Best for: The more experienced Gua Sha user may find this one to be appealing as it has more features, curves, and edges. This tool is best for someone who is (or is about to be) an avid Gua Sha user looking to 1) establish a self healing ritual 2) go a little beyond a basic routine. 

Special features:

The Venus Tool is shaped like an ancient goddess. (see Venus of Willendorf) The material, Rose Quartz, is a precious gemstone that helps us connect with our own healing, feminine energy. Complimenting the energetic components of this tool, the sides of the Venus Tool are all different; some ideal for working with the lymphatic system, while others are more effective for fascia sculpting (that's when you use medium to deep pressure). The tip of the tool may also be used on reflexology points to help balance all systems and organs in the body. 

Sturdiness: Delicate. Breaks easily if dropped. Keep away from tile and stone.


Spirit Stone Gua Sha Tool 

Best for: All levels. Beginners may find this larger sized stone easier to hold, while experienced Gua Sha users are going to love the uniquely shaped sides. 

Special features:

Each side of this tool is unique and represents a different aspect of our energetic spirit. I’ve found this great for focusing intention in a ritual, as I can work with the side that stimulates the energy I feel I need at that time. The increased size of this stone is another high point. It hugs the face really well and has a silky smoothness on the skin. 

 Sturdiness: Delicate. Breaks easily if dropped. Keep away from tile and stone.


Storyteller Reflexology Tool 

Best for: All levels, anyone can pick up this tool and start using it right away to balance the mind, body, spirit and skin. It's an ideal tool for smoothing stubborn wrinkles and releasing fascia adhesions on the face (example - the 11 lines). Be sure to check out the graphs in the product description for a quick guide and many of my Skin Within Studio members enjoy learning about the different reflexology points through step by step videos. 

Special features:

Part of what sets this Reflexology tool apart from some others is that both sides of the tool may be used for different purposes, and the tool is made of conductive steel which helps you connect with the natural electrical signals in and under the skin. The thicker end of the tool is ideal for massaging tension in the neck and shoulders. The thinner ball point tip is for targeting specific reflexology points on the face which are each correlated to different organs, emotions, or energy systems within the body. 

 Sturdiness: Nearly indestructible, though it can be scratched. 


Kansa Wand 

Best for: All levels. This tool is great for anyone who can't deal with a delicate stone or may be regularly interrupted. Ideal for someone who wants a massage tool and "gua sha" tool in one. 

Special features: 

This tool travels very well! You can use it on sore muscles using deep pressure or use it to reduce puffiness with light pressure. It can also be used to stimulate different reflexology zones by moving it in slow circles. The electrically conductive bronze domes are cool on the skin and help to balance the pH of the skin. The shape is ideal for pushing into tense muscles or rolling across the skin. 

Sturdiness: Very sturdy, will not break easily.  


The Body Gua Sha 

Best for: Anyone with leg pain/soreness, cellulite, or bloating/swelling around ankles, feet and legs. 

Not suitable for: Spider veins, varicose veins, pregnancy, history of clots, active cancers, or for use on the face. 

Special features: Sturdy ridges for getting into deep fascia, softer curves for a light massage, and a slightly elevated ridge for draining lymph and fluid stagnation. Shape is ideal for use on the body because you can hold it firmly without any risk of dropping it while in use. 

Sturdiness: Delicate. Breaks easily if dropped. 

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