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Beauty Shamans Energy Wand

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The Energy Wand instantly revives a dull complexion, giving your skin a natural glow. Use to massage facial muscles, energize skin, and aid product penetration. The Energy Wand stimulates the movement of lymph and toxins, facilitating their elimination, and helps reduce inflammation while increasing circulation. 

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- Battery operated, waterproof, portable and airplane friendly

- Vibrates 6,000 times per minute

- Increases blood circulation and oxygen to the surface of skin

- Assist in lymphatic drainage and skin detoxification

- Relaxes facial muscles and tension

- Gently presses products into deeper layers of the skin

- Relaxes the mind and body

- Brightens the complexion and awakens skin cells



Technical Information:

Unscrew the bottom of your wand, insert one AA battery negative side first, and screw the bottom cap back on. Wand may turn on during this, that is okay.

After tightening the battery cap, twist the bottom of the wand to turn on and off.

To clean, wipe or spray a disinfectant solution after each use. 


This item is warranted for one year from order date

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