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Venus Sculpting Tool

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$98.00 USD

The Venus Sculpting Tool is a master creation that embodies feminine and masculine qualities, yin and yang energies, and multifunctional features made for bringing out the glow in your skin. No side is equal nor perfect. 

The properties of this stone restore natural radiance to the skin by clearing toxins and contouring your unique facial structure. Connecting deeply with the Venus Sculpting Tool promotes self love, self acceptance and beauty from within. 


Cleaning your tool: wash with gentle soap and water after each use. Store in a safe and sacred place. Please note that the stone is delicate and must be handled with care. 


Material: Rose Quartz 



Additional option for $18 more: 


Stone Tool Pouch & Replacement Policy

 Please note that most discounts will not apply to replacement policies or bundles that include them, however you may add a tool "a la carte" and a separate policy. 

Accidents happen, and unfortunately the nature of the semi-precious stones we use to craft our gua sha tools ke them extremely fragile. One drop into a porcelain basin is often enough to cause breakage, so we offer a replacement policy for those interested.

If you have opted for the replacement policy on your stone gua sha tool (Venus, etc) you are eligible for 1 replacement tool (same tool only) at no cost, within two years of initial order.

Outside the American states this "replacement" will take the form of a 100% off code for a new tool. 

ANY claim for replacement MUST include a photo of the broken tool (send to Acceptance or rejection of a claim shall be at our discretion. 


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