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Face + Body Kansa Wand

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Kansa is a blend of copper and tin (known in the west as bronze), and is considered to have healing and detoxifying properties in the Ayurvedic medicine tradition. 
Honoring this ancient tradition, we are pleased to offer for a limited time the Face + Body Kansa Wand, a massage tool designed to relieve tension and help flush toxins from the face and body. 

The Face + Body Kansa Wand is a multifunctional, double-domed tool made of pure kansa and teak wood. With regular use, the energetic and conductive qualities of this  alloy metal will balance the pH of the skin helping promote skin brightness, firmness, and clarity. 


Used as a massage tool, the Kansa Wand can improve circulation, boost collagen, contour the face, and relieve tissue adhesions that contribute to wrinkling or sagging skin. When used for the body, it can relieve muscle soreness, improve the flow of energy, release toxins, and stimulate deep relaxation. 

Lymphatic Drainage 
If you lighten your touch, the Kansa Wand can be used as a lymphatic drainage tool, helping to eliminate waste, reduce puffiness, and support the immune functions of the face and body. 

Balancing Mind + Body 
When used on certain reflex points on the face, the Kansa Wand can improve the function of different organ systems, clear emotional blockages, and improve energetic balance. Much like a reflexology tool, the Kansa Wand helps to harmonize all systems of the body to improve our mind, body, and spirit connection. 

How to use: 

Prepare the skin by first applying a light layer of your favorite oil. This practice is intuitive so move with the rhythm of your own energy.*

For massage benefits, move the wand in circular motions around the skin, you can press deeper into areas of tenderness to help release any tension. Move your circles in upward motions to help lift the skin tissue and improve circulation. When used on the body, use medium pressure in either circular or general massage movements.

For lymphatic drainage, stabilize the skin with one hand and glide the wand across the surface of the skin with the other toward major lymph nodes (around the ears and down the neck). 

For balancing all systems and organs in the body, move the wand intuitively around the face. 
When you come across an area of tenderness, continue to make circles for at least 10 seconds before moving on to another part of the face. 
Watch a tutorial here.

*Note: if you notice a slight greying of the skin while using your wand, that is a sign that toxins are being released. Simply wipe it off the skin when you are finished. It is not necessary for this greying to occur in order for detoxification to take place. 

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