We have a few distinct offerings, here is your guide to them:



-Basic Membership

Your basic membership account ($1 lifetime) is what gives access to our products; log into your basic account through the "person" icon at the top-right of the webpage.

(presently serving the U.K., Canada, and the American States)


-Studio Membership

There is also the video library of Shelly's "Skin Within Studio" (linked at top-center of the homepage, or dropdown menu at top-left on mobile) which requires a studio subscription membership and a separate login/password from your basic membership.

(international access)


-Beauty Shamans Gold

And finally, you may choose to become a Beauty Shamans Gold Member, which is a product subscription membership providing you with special perks and discounted rates on skincare* products.

(presently available in the American States and Canada)



Become a Beauty Shamans Gold Member!

How the subscription membership works: 

Choose “subscribe and save” when adding a skincare* item to your cart.

You can choose as many items as you like to create a "subscription box".

This will opt you in to receive 10% off your skincare* order immediately. On your 2nd consecutive subscription order your discount is boosted to 15%, and then with your 3rd consecutive order your discount will be upgraded to 20%.

To retain your 20% off skincare* items, all you need to do is keep your subscription service active (you may pause, but cancelling will reset your order count). 

By creating a subscription you will be agreeing to a minimum of 2 order cycles. The subscription cycle is 8 weeks by default but may be paused.

Access & edit your subscription membership by signing into your basic account at the top-right corner of the website. 


Here’s the fun part: 

You can change your box every cycle. That means you continue to receive items you need regularly, add something different, or completely swap your items for a different set of products each time, it's completely up to you!

You can add non-subscription items (like various tools) to your shipment as a one-time purchase. If you have a discount code, you can apply it to those items in your account. On the rare occasion when we issue a discount code that is greater than your subscription discount, you may enter and use the code for the greater discount.

Note that pre-made bundles have a built-in 10% discount and are not eligible for the Gold subscription discount but you can build your own bundles with individual items and save even more as a Gold member. Gold members will also receive special perks from time to time, such as free shipping or promotional gifts. 



The order cycle is set to 8 weeks, however you have the option to “ship now” should you need your products before the full 8 week interval. You may also simply “skip” the next shipment if you don’t need more products after 8 weeks.

You can also pause your subscription at any point for up to 2 consecutive billing cycles (16 weeks). After that time you will be prompted to come back to manage your account, and if you do not then the most recently ordered items will be shipped out again: Make sure you’re opening the reminder emails so you can customize your box before it ships! A reminder email will be sent out 3 days before your subscription order is set to renew/reship. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time after the 2nd order cycle.


* "Skincare" means all items that are not a tool, device, gift card, or policy.