Shipping available across North America and the UK

Returns Policy

Beauty Shamans does not generally accept returns unless a product has been damaged during transit in such a way that the damage renders the product unusable (contents spilled, etc.). However, each situation is different, and we are always willing to discuss the particulars. If you believe your items have been damaged in transit/prior to use please immediately send us a photo!


Gua Sha tool replacement policy

If you have opted for the replacement policy on your a stone gua sha tool (Venus, etc) you are eligible for 1 replacement tool at no cost, within two years of initial order.

Outside the American states this "replacement" will take the form of a 100% off code for a new tool, or a refund in the amount of the original tool cost. 

ANY claim for replacement MUST include a photo of the broken tool (send to Acceptance or rejection of a claim shall be at our discretion.