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Beauty Shamans is more than just skincare a line; it is a mindset and a way of living. The name itself is another way of saying beauty healer, because beauty, in all its forms, is simply an expression of your health. Through her own struggles with acne and self image, Beauty Shamans’ founder, Shelly Marshall, made it her mission to learn how to care for her skin, and in the process she discovered Earth’s most ancient and potent source of nutrition: seaweed. With extensive knowledge of the skin, its cellular structures, primitive ingredients, and how to blend essential oils, she developed BeautyShamans Skincare; a full line of non toxic beauty products formulated to nourish the skin.

Each BeautyShamans product incorporates time-tested ingredients once prized by ancient healers and royalty alike.

As the use of seaweeds began to heal her skin from the outside, she realized that there was still a missing component. Healing the outside wasn’t enough, she needed to take up empowering rituals and habits that would allow her to heal her “skin within”.

The Beauty Shamans mission is to help you heal your skin, inside and out. Using seaweed products, cutting-edge skincare tools, and ancient practices like massage, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage, Shelly guides her clients and community to live in a way that naturally creates beautiful, radiant skin.

“My purpose is not to heal you, but to teach you how to heal yourself through the lens of skincare and self love.” -Shelly 

"Let's Create Your Skin Within”