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The Future of Skincare is the Wisdom of the Past



Founder of BeautyShamans, Shelly Marshall, draws on three seemingly separate but surprisingly overlapping fields of knowledge in her efforts to create healthy skincare. As a nurse, esthetician and aromatherapist, her approach to skincare is clinical, clean and holistic.


After a decade of touching and treating thousands of faces, and speaking directly with clients about their skincare choices, Shelly began to recognize the damage caused by chemical-laden products and unhealthy practices. With extensive knowledge of the skin, its cellular structures, primitive ingredients, and how to blend essential oils, she developed BeautyShamans Skincare; a full line of nontoxic beauty products formulated to nourish the skin. Each BeautyShamans product incorporates time-tested ingredients once prized by ancient healers and royalty alike. Shelly believes skincare is self-care, and the future of skincare lies in the wisdom of the past.

"Let's Create Your Skin Within”