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Core Four - OILY Skin

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All skin types need proper cleansing, hydration and moisture. This bundle provides the essential nutrients that oily or acne prone skin needs for preventing water loss and providing nourishment for the surface layer of the skin. 



Balancing without overdrying 

A silky, non-foaming, pH balancing cleanser formulated with rich sea minerals from organic laminaria algae to increase circulation while cleansing away surface impurities and dead skin cells. 



A toning ocean mist ideal for balancing skin flora and encouraging deeper product penetration. Formulated with pure seaweed, botanical acids, and blemish-fighting essential oils, this seawater spray restores minerals and nutrients while gently providing a micro-exfoliation. 



A lightweight seaweed gel serum made with isotonic seawater, ideal for maintaining proper skin hydration. Rich in essential minerals, hyaluronic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, this antioxidant gel absorbs quickly to soothe dehydrated or damaged skin without leaving a greasy residue. Beneficial for all skin types needing a boost in hydration and glowing vibrance. 



A stimulating and refreshing algae based facial oil ideal for acne prone skin. This oil is rich in oil soluble vitamin C esters, helping to plump collagen and protect against free radical damage. An exotic blend of blemish fighting essential oils promotes a clear complexion while nourishing omega oils calm inflammation and maintain a healthy lipid barrier to the skin. 




Please note: Do not open airless containers. Once opened, the seal is compromised and the pump may no longer function. 

Please see individual product descriptions for ingredient listing.

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