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Storyteller Reflexology Wand

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$55.00 USD

The Storyteller Reflexology Wand tells the story of your face, your emotions and your spirit. Bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, skin and soul and let the body heal itself. 


 Use the tip of the wand all over the face using small, slow circles. When you find a sensitive area, work that zone for 20 seconds. For classes on how to use this wand, access the Skin Within Studio here.

Use the back of the wand to work out areas of stress in the neck and shoulder area. 

 Watch a tutorial here.

Weight: 120 grams for optimal sensory experience 

Material: Stainless steel 

Comes in a leather protection pouch 


Note: Do not attempt to take this tool on an airplane, as it could be confiscated at security. 

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