Beauty Shamans

Our mission together

Beauty is a mindset and a way of life. What we eat, see, feel, hear, think, and apply to our skin are all forms of consumption. Everything we habitually consume impacts us at the cellular level, depleting or strengthening our energy and vibration.

Our skin is the physical result of our cellular health.

By returning to beauty practices and products from ancient times, and joining them with modern scientific understanding, we have created a truly holistic approach to skincare which we gladly offer to you. In place of the various 20th century chemicals you’ve probably heard of, you’ll see timeless natural substances like marine algae, seawater, seaweed extracts, essential oils, silver, rose quartz, and more. The effect of these powerful ingredients are strengthened by your intention, the use of facial massage and muscle stimulation. And we’ve got tools to help you there as well. 

BeautyShamans prides itself on bringing you ancient inspired wisdom for healthier skin.