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Lipid Barrier Repair Bundle

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This bundle restores moisture, balances skin flora, prevents breakouts, softens wrinkles and inhibits pre-mature collagen damage. 




Use this before you do your regular cleanse in the evening to soften dead skin cells, moisturize the top layer of skin, clean dirt from pores, and rebalance the skin's pH. 


Many times it's conventional OTC face wash that strips the skin of all of its natural, protective oils. Sea Silk Wash is a gentle, seaweed based cleanser that actually hydrates as it cleans. It has no chemicals so it won't leave the skin feeling tight (a sign that the lipid barrier is destroyed). 


This is included for gentle and gradual exfoliation. Start by using this 1-2 times a week at night. Apply to clean skin and let it absorb into skin for about 5-10 seconds. Apply your nighttime products directly over the serum. The green tea and seaweed extracts calm redness and repair damage while the acids gently exfoliate and resurface the skin. 


 One of the best oils for a sensitized barrier because of its omega fatty acid content and anti-inflammatory essential oils. It also contains vitamin C to repair collagen and brighten the skin complexion. 



Signs you have a compromised barrier:

- Acne breakouts, and more specifically, feeling like your skin is dry and dehydrated but still breaking out
- Skin redness, rashes, blotchiness, dryness, static fine lines and wrinkles (as opposed to wrinkles that form only with expression)
- Skin that is unable to retain hydration no matter how much moisturizer you apply
- Burning or stinging sensation when you apply your products

Having a strong and healthy skin barrier means that your skin is able to hold onto water better. 

Benefits of an intact lipid barrier:

- acne breakouts are reduced because your oil glands receive the signal that there is sufficient sebum on the surface, therefore halting the production of more oil
- wrinkles are reduced and/or begin looking healthier because there is more water and moisture retention with an intact lipid barrier
- redness is reduced because oils are naturally anti-inflammatory as they slowly absorb into the skin




Please note: Do not open airless containers. Once opened, the seal is compromised and the pump may no longer function. 


Please see individual product descriptions for ingredient listing.

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