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Nephrite Jade Medicine Woman Tool

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Nephrite Jade is a classic stone of abundance and heart energy. It is the ideal stone for use on skin due to its gentle strength, smooth surface, cooling properties and healing energies. 

The Nephrite Jade Medicine Woman Tool is a multifunctional self care stone designed to reduce facial swelling, diminish wrinkles, relax facial muscles and invigorate the scalp. Each side of this tool has an intuitive purpose and is designed to promote healing. It has been crafted with the intention of encompassing all styles and shapes of gua sha tools into one unique stone. 



  • Large comb stimulates sensory nerves in the scalp, which relaxes facial muscles while inducing a sedative state of consciousness (great to do around bedtime to calm nerves). 
  • Shallow long-curved edge is ideal for stimulating lymphatic fluid through the cheeks, neck, mid-face, and forehead
  • A wide concave groove at the top fits the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrow to break up collagen adhesions and increase facial muscle tone. 
  • A short straight edge at the bottom sits perfectly on the upper cheekbone to remove puffiness and fluid from the “bags” under the eyes 
  • A micro-comb edge also at the bottom is wonderful on forehead wrinkles, upper eyelid swelling, and stimulating collagen and fine lines above the mouth.


Material: Nephrite Jade

Comes in a felt travel protection pouch 



Additional option for $24 more: 


Stone Tool Pouch & Replacement Policy


Accidents happen, and unfortunately the nature of the semi-precious stones we use to craft our gua sha tools make them extremely fragile. One drop into a porcelain basin is often enough to cause breakage, so we offer a replacement policy for those interested.

If you have opted for the replacement policy on your stone gua sha tool (Venus, etc) you are eligible for 1 replacement tool (same tool only) at no cost, within two years of initial order.

Outside the American states this "replacement" will take the form of a 100% off code for a new tool, or a refund in the amount of the original tool cost. 

ANY claim for replacement MUST include a photo of the broken tool (send to Acceptance or rejection of a claim shall be at our discretion. 

Please note that most discounts will not apply to replacement policies or bundles that include them. You may add a tool "a la carte" and a separate policy. 

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