What to do for Acne

Acne is very complex and unique to each individual. I recommend seeing a specialist (like an esthetician) to go over what kind of acne you have and what's going to be best for your skin. 


But here is a general list of things you could start doing to clear congestion and blemishes! 


1. Oil Cleanse - oil is attracted to oil so the process of massaging oil over your skin will help dislodge oil plugs and blackheads as it softens the pores. Essentially, the oil cleanser will encapsulate to gunk, dirt, pollution, makeup and product stuck in the pores so that it can be rinsed off the surface without damaging the barrier of the skin (something that can actually trigger more acne). It also reprograms oil glands to produce less oil because they receive signaling that there is plenty of "moisture" on the surface of the skin. This is the oil cleanser I use. And here is a tutorial on how to do it.  

2. Exfoliate - if you have black heads and congested skin, you can use both manual (scrub) and chemical exfoliation. If you have angry, red blemishes then stick with just chemical. Manual scrubs will help resurface the skin so that oil no longer gets trapped under the surface and products can penetrate better. Chemical exfoliants will dissolve dead skin and also penetrate the pores to clean them out while stimulating new skin cell and collagen production. I don't use just any scrub, I use Shell Scrub because it actually moisturizes the skin while sloughing away dead skin. I use the scrub in the shower about twice a week and then I use Triple Acid Seaweed Serum about twice a week as well. You can use them on the same night if you want to turn it into a spa-like treatment, just wait a few days to do it again. If you have angry/dry/red acne then stick with just the Triple Acid Seaweed Serum at first. This product is amazing - it has a blend of 3 different acids which exfoliate the surface, clean out pores, stimulate collagen, calm inflammation and hydrate the skin all at the same time.  

3. Drink water - the more water you drink, you clearer your skin will be. Try adding electrolytes or minerals to your water for extra nutrient absorption and hydration. 

4. Sauna/sweat - when you sweat, you release toxins from the skin that might otherwise get trapped within the skin tissue and cause a breakout. It's also great for your stimulating your lymphatic system which is crucial having radiant looking skin. 

5. Have regular trips to the bathroom - your body is amazing in that it naturally wants to expel waste. The 4 most regular ways it does this is through the lungs, digestive system, urinary system or the skin. If you're not having regular bowel movements, then those toxins will just find another way out of the body. I eat this every morning for breakfast and it keeps me regular while also providing some nourishing benefits to the skin. 

6. LED - Blue LED light is known for helping acne lesions because it calms inflammation and kills bacteria on the skin. Red LED goes a little bit deeper so its going to be best for hormonal acne, acne scars and post inflammatory pigmentation. You can get either light here or buy a mask that has both light spectrums like this one. 

7. Boost immune system - If your immune system is working hard to fight off other illnesses then it won't have enough "fighter" cells to take care of the micro-infections on your skin (acne). Boost your immune system by getting quality sleep, lowering stress, eating well (organic whenever possible) and if needed, taking supplements to boost your immmunity. I take a ton of supplements which you can read about here, I also recommend this little bundle of products that includes skincare from the inside out. You'll also want to cut out sugar from your diet. There may be other triggers like dairy, gluten or eggs, but start with eliminating sugar if you want to see your skin clear up quickly. 

8. Use a clay mask for spot treatments and keep skin lightly moisturized at all times. This is important. A clay mask will help to draw out impurities, dry out inflammation and kill bacteria from individual blemishes. However, take note that over drying the skin of the entire face is NOT GOOD for acne. When you over dry the skin, it will send a signal to your oil glands to produce more oil, thus stimulating more acne. Use a spot treatment for stubborn blemishes but keep the rest of the skin lightly moisturized. What the skin actually needs is nourishment and balance. Keeping the skin hydrated will also prevent post inflammatory pigmentation. 

9. Gua Sha (especially the neck) - The lymphatic system is responsible for clearing out waste underneath the skin and keeping the complexion clear. If there is stagnation within this system, then things get backed up and acne has a harder time healing. The major lymph nodes to detoxify the face are located around the ears, neck and clavicle area. Make sure you are lightly massaging here daily, take a peak at this video here

10. Use a gentle cleanser and toner - Do not try to dry out your acne with a face wash that leaves you feeling "squeaky" clean. If your skin feels tight after washing, then your face wash is too strong. Don't use a cream cleanser either, you ideally want a non foaming gel-like texture that will clean the skin but leave you feeling soft and hydrated. Try this one, it's our top seller for a reason! A toner can also make a HUGE difference because toners help keep pores clean and balance skin pH. Some even have antibacterial properties. Read my toners guide here but my favorites are Seawater Mist for oily/acne skin and Mermaid Face for dry/acne skin. 

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