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Acne Defense Skinfood Bundle
Acne Defense Skinfood Bundle
Acne Defense Skinfood Bundle

Acne Defense Skinfood Bundle

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Ideal for acne-prone skin, teens, hormonal acne, oily skin. 
Many factors contribute to the formation of acne. Some of the most common culprits include clogged pores, bacteria on the skin, hormone imbalances, as well as an overworked immune system. When the immune system is overburdened with stress it may struggle to combat acute infections on the skin, which can cause breakouts or blemishes. The Acne Defense Bundle is an ideal way to combat breakouts and blemishes from the inside out, and is the perfect start to clearer, healthier skin. 

Bundle Includes:


Shell Scrub
Marine Clay Mask
Defense Formula


Use Shell Scrub 2-4x a week to remove dead skin cells while seaweed extracts nourish and detoxify the skin. 

Apply Marine Clay Mask once a week or as needed to disinfect active breakouts and keep pores clean. 

Use Defense Formula as a daily supplement to boost immune function, provide antioxidant protection, and support a healthy skin complexion. 
Product highlights: Chelated zinc, Elderberry, Umckaloabo Root, Echinacea and Royal Jelly. 
Defense Formula can be found on the producer’s site here if you run out and need more!