My Routine: Food, Supplements, Body Care, Skincare

As I’m writing this I am 40 and I gave birth 4 months ago. Although I'm still far from a full recovery, my efforts to prioritize my health have definitely helped me "bounce back" quicker than I had expected. Many of you have asked for my routine (supplements, workout, skincare, etc), so I'm sharing an overview of everything I'm taking and doing below!

Please keep in mind that change/transformation does not happen overnight. Many of these supplements and habits I'm sharing below were things I was doing before pregnancy! I've added in a few new things since giving birth and I'm so happy with how they make me feel that I'm pretty sure they have a permanent place in my routine now. 

Another thing to keep in mind as you're browsing through this list is that you are unique. Not all of these foods/supplements/self care practices are right for everyone. My advice is to read through what I do/use and then decide for yourself if that is something you feel you could benefit from, consulting with your health professional. This is really just a big download of my habits and favorites, and my hope is that at least one of these many things will be a benefit to you. 


I have affiliations with some of these listed below, but not all. This is just an honest list of what I’ve been enjoying and feeling the benefits of. I do make a small commission on some of these so if you do decide to try any, I truly appreciate you using my links. 


The General List of Everything I Use: 

(LINKS, DISCOUNT CODES + DETAILS are listed below this chart) 


- Beauty Matcha Latte : morning hot beverage with low caffeine, plus protein and other super foods in it; great for boosting collagen and lowering skin inflammation. 

- Red Pine Needle Oil : for immune support, cleansing and clarity. I have come to LOVE drinking this! 

- Athletic Greens : vitamins. I drink this first thing every morning. 

- Royal Jelly : beauty, longevity and immunity. This is what the Queen bee eats and it's why she lives the longest and grows the biggest. 



- Chlorella : detox, vitamin D, and a vegetarian source of B12. Great for dark under eye circles and acne. 

- Mega Foods Prenatal Multi : nutritional insurance, the prenatals also has magnesium capsules. 

- Collagen + Greens Powder : amino acids and minerals. A perfect base for a protein smoothie or a quick dose of bovine collagen. 

- Hair, Skin Nails : contains collagen peptides, MSM, kelp, and hyaluronic acid. It's like consuming a facial serum. 

- Gut Health : turmeric, aloe vera, enzymes and probiotics. This helps reduce inflammation in the skin. 

- Cod Liver Oil : one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D; great for skin, bones, teeth. This will keep skin moisturized as well. 



- Fulvic Ionic Minerals : trace minerals your body needs and may not get from the standard American diet. A must-have in my book. 


Not every day but rotated in during the week: 

- Energy Effervescents : B12, reduces my craving to eat something. 

- Maca Root Powder (both red and black): hormone stabilizing, energy, and ibido. Hormones determine how we age. 

- Metabolism Super Powder : antioxidants, helps with fat burning. I love making a hot cocoa with this super charged powder. 

- 24k Chicken Bone Broth : gut healing and great protein source. I use this as a base for all my soups. 

Fenugreek supplements (generic health food store brand) : great for regulating insulin and boosting hgh in the body which is great for skin health. 

Astaxanthin (another health food store purchase, I can't remember the brand but its from Hawaii) : the best antioxidant to take internally as well as externally (this is in my Nori Gel Serum and some of the Omega Oils). I take it for eye and skin health. 



 Body Care: 

- Foam rolling - literally rolls the stress out of my body. I can't live without foam rolling.

- Body and neck stretches I do this for sagging skin, puffiness, flexibility, side profile, double chin and jawline. 

- Workouts that include weighted squats - Keeps my booty lifted and strengthens my core too. 

- Body Gua Sha  - irons out the dimples and slims the legs. It also reduces aches or pains in the legs and booty. 



- Seaweed Skincare - my daily dose of the ocean minerals and vitamins directly into my skin!  

- Oil Cleansing/Exfoliation/Hydration  - oil cleansing is my number 1 tip for all skin types and conditions. It literally fixes everything. You also need a good exfoliant so your hydrating products can absorb well. 

- Gua Sha  - I'm prone to puffiness so this is my go-to ritual to firm my skin. 

- Face Yoga  - This is addicting. Once I started noticing I was changing my face, I couldn't stop doing facial exercises. 

- LED  - The BEST at home treatment that gives spa grade results. I use this for my acne scars, wrinkles and to plump my lips. 


 If you're looking for the details......


From the list above, what do you consume first thing in the morning? 

Water - The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass of room temperature water. It’s a simple, easy thing you can do to help cleanse your body after a night of cellular repair. It will also get your energy going for the day, and is great for the skin. 

Water extras: Sometimes I will add a Super Greens Elixir or Athletic Greens to my water for a little extra flavor and vitamin intake, but water with lemon (and even a pinch of sea salt) would also be a great way to start your day. Oh and by the way, if you want to supercharge your water then look into getting one of these devices for your home (use code BEAUTYSHAMANS for 10% off). They mitigate EMF and also restructure your drinking water. I can't pretend to fully understand the science of it all but we've definitely felt the difference. The water tastes “fuller” and “smooth" after resting by this device for a few minutes. 

Beauty Matcha Latte - I drink 1-2 Matcha Latte's every morning. I made the switch from coffee because I didn't want caffeine getting in my breastmilk. Now that I've switched I don't think I'll ever go back. The matcha from Kroma Wellness is different from any other matcha on the market. It has collagen protein (so important for strong skin and muscles), turmeric, ginger, and a mushroom medley all in one cup. It's so delicious and unlike coffee that makes me feel jittery, I feel happy, calm and alert after drinking it. It gives me the "happy energy" I need to play with my baby, bang out some work at every opportunity, and also feel motivated to take care of myself somewhere in there. I feel like this switch may also have helped my skin appear less red and inflamed (coffee can exacerbate redness and sensitive skin). 

Side note about Kroma : 

I love this company and literally every single product they have ever created (can't say that about many others). Their "5 Day Reset" is definitely worth doing; I found that it not only helped me to cleanse my body, but it also helped me create sustainable habits after the Reset was over. 

The link to their site is here and you can use discount code BEAUTYSHAMANS15 for 15% off your  first order. 


What do you eat for breakfast? 

 I'll have something low in sugar. That might be a coconut chia pudding I prepared in advance, or something simple like organic eggs on sourdough toast. One of my favorite breakfasts during the colder months is to roast a sweet potato the night before and eat it in the morning with a few nuts. I also LOVE having leftover Collagen Soup in the morning!  

Oh and here is my recipe for my favorite hydrating smoothie that I love drinking during the summer. 


What does your afternoon/evening look like? 

For lunch and dinner, my focus is on getting PROTEIN, VEGGIES, AND FATS as much as possible. I still aim to keep the sugars low, and the grain carbs as well. 

I recommend checking out Kroma (above) or Sakara (below) meal plans if you have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to putting together a healthy meal. You don't even have to be able to afford their food to get some ideas and inspiration. 


Sakara Life - I've been a Sakaralite for over 7 years. I am a loyal subscriber to their organic meal delivery program, as it's everything I had been searching for on my quest to "eat my medicine." I'm not a vegan, but all of their food is dairy free, gluten free, and meat free. I add my own protein when necessary. Having Sakara on hand is so convenient (this was true for nurse life and is still true for new mom life) but the real reason I order from them is to ensure that every week I get a variety of vegetables and nutrients (and with Sakara, I get a better variety of nutrients than I would if I was cooking for myself). A healthy gut is a pre-requisite for having a healthy body and glowing skin, so this is how I check that box. 

Most weeks I order 3 days of Lunch but you can customize to order Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner for as many days as you want. I also add on their Protein + Greens Smoothie and Chocolate Trio to most weekly orders as well so that I have extra clean protein on hand and a low sugar dessert! 

The link to their site is here and you can use discount code BEAUTYSHAMANSSAKARA for 20% off your first order. 

The other items I order from Sakara regularly: 

Metabolism Super Powder - This is a cacao based powder that also has sea kelp in it. I'm a huge fan of using anything with seaweed because of the mineral content. 

Energy Effervescents - These are vitamin powders with B12 and maca root powder. They taste amazing, and I love how much energy they give me right after drinking it. Also, they’re fizzy so it takes care of my craving for something with carbonation. 


What other kinds of foods/meals do you prepare for yourself regularly? 

Main Protein sources: wild caught fish (skins on), pasture raised chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef/bison, wild venison, canned wild sardines, multiple nut butters and organic hemp seeds 

Primary Veggies: broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, celery, carrots, radishes, beets, arugula, squash, green beans 

Fats: grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, almond butter, avocado, chia/hemp/flax seeds, organic cheeses, 90% dark chocolate, nuts, organic full-fat plain yogurt 

Probiotics: kimchi, miso (not just soup but also paste for cooking), kombucha, kraut 

Sweet treats: all kinds of berries, cherries, banana, apple, sweet potato, dark chocolate, dates, jam, honey, maple syrup 

Grain foods: purple rice, brown basmati rice, einkorn pasta, egg noodles, sourdough bread/toast, sprouted steel-cut oats


What supplements do you take during the day? 


Royal Jelly from Bee Alive - There's a reason why this humble family company has been around for 40 years. Their royal jelly is the best in the country, and they offer so many different ways to consume this incredible superfood. There is literally nothing like royal jelly, it is a fascinating substance that we are still learning about but already it has been found to promote healthy skin, top notch immunity, and healthy longevity in general. Some of their subscription customers are over 100 years old! 

The link to their site is here. I take the Sweet Energy and Royal Jelly capsules as directed. 


Red and Black Maca from The Maca Team - This is something I started taking regularly when I was trying to get pregnant because of its ability to help balance hormones. I took it all throughout my pregnancy, and I believe it is a primary reason why I didn't experience morning sickness, headaches, acid reflux, sleep issues, or any other funky pregnancy symptoms you hear about all the time. I still use maca now - sometimes the capsules (since they are easier to consume throughout the day), and sometimes I'll add powdered maca to a smoothie or use it to make a “maccachino” in the morning. There are different types of maca (red, black, yellow) so make sure you read up on what may support you best right now. I typically use the red maca and my husband likes the black. 

The link to their site is here.


Collagen and Greens from Snap Supplements - I am in love with this stuff! It has a berry flavor so you can drink it on its own or add it to smoothies. It uses grass-fed bovine collagen, which provides Collagen I and III for your body to build strong skin, hair, nails and joints. It has a complete amino acid profile to help your body build strong muscles for the face and body! The greens complex has so many different antioxidant nutrients to make any health nut excited. This is also really affordable, so if that’s a consideration this is the best powder to add to your routine.

I'm also using their Gut Health and Skin, Nail, Hair capsules as well and I love them. I take the recommended amount. 

The link to get the Collagen and Greens and 20% off is here. 


Chlorella - You know I love algae, and chlorella is my favorite one to eat. We get our chlorella in tablet form from a Japanese company called Sun Chlorella. Chlorella is used to help the body detox from toxins and heavy metals. It's one of the best things on the planet to feed your body, packed with Vitamin D and B12.

I've also been using the Chlorella detox drops from Juna in my water. 


For a general multi-vitamin I take Multi-vitamin by Mega Foods. I like the ingredient profile and the fact that everything they use is food-grade. I'm not sure if I notice much of a difference taking multi-vitamins but I'm so used to taking them now that I just keep ordering it. I'm using their prenatal variety because I'm still breastfeeding and because it comes with magnesium capsules which have amazing skin and health benefits. I tend to switch up my multi-vitamins every now and then so I'm going to being trying some by Perelel soon. 


Cod Liver Oil - We get this from our local health food store, but I linked the brand I use. If you can get the lemon variety you won't get any fishy flavor but the standard variety definitely does taste of fish…we’ve been chasing it with a dash of juice. Cod liver oil is a great source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. It's well known for supporting bone health (teeth too), and keeping your immune system functioning optimally. Your skin also loves when you dose up on healthy fats because it keeps the skin naturally moisturized from within. 


Fulvic Ionic Minerals - Getting all your nutrients from food is ideal but due to soil depletion and over treated water, most are not getting the optimal amounts of many important minerals. My nightly ritual is to drink a glass of these minerals before doing some face care. This stuff is powerful so you don't need much.  You don't taste anything but you might feel that your water is more "electric." As a side note, when I was a nurse I became very aware that chronic illness and mineral deficiency seemed to go hand in hand with all of my really sick patients. Healthy cells = healthy body, and re-mineralization will help you build back healthy cells. 

Red Pine Needle Oil - I'm not sure how this stuff actually works but I love taking it! It's an overall immune supporting supplement that has a very potent, fresh flavor. I use just 3 drops in a glass of water every morning. What I can say is immediately after drinking it I feel more mental clarity, a calm energy, and my breath feels cleaner. 

About Optimally Organic - This is not a "sexy" or trendy company, but they have some of the most powerful and amazing supplements on the market. This is the type of stuff you might find in your acupuncturist office. It’s really legit, they do a ton of research and development on their products. These are the two I've been using and LOVING. The link to their site is here and you can use code shelly10 for 10% off 


How are you taking care of your body? 

- foam rolling daily : this has helped me stay more flexible and is my go-to therapy when my body is aching or tired. I try to do 5-10 minutes every morning on the back, neck, legs and butt. It's great for releasing stagnation in the body (emotional or physical) and will literally help you breathe better. It definitely gives me more energy afterward as well. 

- body and neck stretches daily : this is a different way of working with your fascia which has so many health benefits. What you'll notice most is that your posture will improve and your side profile/double chin will literally transform the more consistent you are! If you're starting to see gravity pulling your face down, start doing some daily stretches (especially the back and neck) and you'll be so amazed! 

- exercise with weights, including a ton of squats : whether I'm holding baby or holding 10-20 lb weights, SQUATS will help you build stronger legs and a stronger core. This has been my go-to exercise after giving birth and I've already noticed my body responding positively. I'll do 10-12 reps for as many sets as I can get in, usually its anywhere from 3-8 sets. I also love doing lunges to really isolate each leg/butt muscle. Squats can also be great for the abs, just make sure you tighten them as you come up from each squat. I also do knee push-ups, and a grab bag of other exercises with 3-10 pound weights. 

Body Gua Sha (a few times a week) - After pregnancy I had a lot of inflammation and cellulite (aka fluid retention and toxic buildup). To help my body process and flush out the waste, I could think of nothing better than a Body Gua Sha Routine. 


What skincare practices have you leaned on most? 

After giving birth my skin got really dry. Then when breastfeeding started to pick up, my skin became even more dry! Oil cleansing every night softened the rough texture, which actually helped my skin retain more moisture during the worst of the dryness. In fact all of my products, which are seaweed based, helped soothe my skin and got me back to feeling hydrated and dewy.

What other products did you depend on most after baby was born? 

Besides my cleansing routine basics, the products I leaned on most were the Triple Acid Seaweed Serum (for gentle exfoliation), Nori Gel Serum (the most hydrating vitamin C serum ever), and my oils (Goddess Omega in particular). I really don't know what I would have done without those.  

What are your favorite products right now? 

Cleansing Beauty Oil 

Sea Silk Wash

Mermaid Face 

Shell Scrub/Triple Acid Seaweed Serum

Nori Gel Serum/Vitamin Sea Serum 

Goddess Omega Oil 

Plankton Peptide Cream 

What other skincare rituals have you been doing? 

Facial Gua Sha : Pregnancy makes you hold a lot of extra fluid. I had been pretty regular about my Gua Sha routine but since giving birth I've been even more consistent and I can really tell the difference in the firmness of my skin and the contour of my face. I aim to dedicate at least 3 nights a week to a full Gua Sha routine. 

- face yoga daily : Exercise for the face is an absolute must for me these days. I can always tell if I've been slacking with my facial exercises because I'll notice more puffiness around my eyes and jawline, and sagging on my cheeks. Sometimes I'll do a full workout, like the ones I offer in my Studio, and sometimes I'll incorporate the poses into my every day life (like when I'm in the shower, or cutting vegetables, etc). This is a sample class here.

- LED : I've been SUPER diligent about using my LED wands and masks lately. Since I'm still not back at the spa, having an at-home LED device is the next best thing to using some of the professional devices I would use for my clients. I use the wands every other night and the mask about once a week. The wands are less convenient but really strong, the mask is great for overall maintenance. Another great company that sells LED and EMF protection gear is Bon Charge. Use code BEAUTYSHAMANS15 for a 15% discount. 


There's so much information here, where do you recommend starting?   

I hope you have found this helpful! I realize this list is long and may seem overwhelming, but please know that I did not create these habits overnight, not even over the course of a year. These are things I've slowly added to my routines over the past 10 years, so do not get overwhelmed! If you add ONE thing and make it stick, that is a step toward taking control of your health, and everything happens one step at a time.

The other thing I want to address is why I'm able to "afford" these things, in terms of both time and money. The simple truth is, it's because I prioritize them. It is a personal lifestyle preference that enables me to enjoy these practices, eat quality food, and have great supplements. For example, I do not "netflix and chill," nor do I buy designer handbags (not that there is anything wrong with these things, I just choose to invest my time and money in other things). 

If you dream of living a better, healthy life, then this is where I would start (this is where I did start): Read as much as you can about health, wellness, nutrition, and skincare. At the very least, follow experts in these fields on social media and start integrating their wisdom into your life. You’ll be amazed at the habits you can build just by exposing yourself to that information regularly.

Some of my favorite books are listed here. 




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