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Q: Our readers love reading stories of powerful women creating a conscious change on the planet. Please tell us about yourself and the incredible work you do.


A: I became obsessed with learning about skin around the age of 9, when I started developing acne. It was a huge part of my life, like an annoying "frenemy" I couldn't get rid of but had to coexist with. Fast forward through high school and college, I had finally had enough. I decided to become an esthetician to learn about skin but I found it didn't heal my blemishes, nor did it help me gain any confidence or ability to really truly help others with their own skin. My health was suffering, I was constantly sick, I had no self esteem, and my acne was there every step of the way, watching me crumble. 

At some point, a voice inside started yelling at me to drop the victim mentality and start taking control of my life and my health. I started reading health books, watching documentaries, and following health leaders; learning everything I could about digestion, skin, hormones, and consciousness. Over the course of about 5 years I went through a total transformation, inside and out, my skin was improved and my thoughts and attitudes were too.

Eventually I got into learning more about the human body, and how its overall condition affected the skin. I was also simply interested in health as a whole, so I went to nursing school and got hired at a large hospital in New York. Because I was involved with both esthetics and nursing, I decided to combine the two and start a side business as a nurse injector.


My experiences as a cosmetic injector ultimately renewed my interest in studying the skin. I learned a lot about facial anatomy, how our muscles move, and this gave insight as to what really creates wrinkles; it has a lot more to do with the state of your fascia, and how you hold and move your facial muscles than anything else. I also discovered that many of my botox and filler clients didn’t actually want to be dependent on injections to feel beautiful or confident. Like me, they were starting to look for natural methods that could either be combined with their injections—to give a softer, more natural look—or were aiming to wean themselves off injections entirely. 

After some deep diving into eastern and holistic health practices, I was inspired to combine that with my “western” understanding of skincare to create techniques that mimicked how botox and filler worked in the face. I came up with a system of facial fitness using facial massage, face yoga (facial exercises), and lymphatic drainage to give my clients the power to transform their faces on their own in a completely natural way! 


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cosmetic injections, but over time I found that I just didn't need them anymore. I’ve since created and mastered movements and facial poses that teach your face how to relax the muscles that are overworked, and how to tone the muscles that need more lift; I know how to release wrinkles using only my hands, and how to eliminate facial puffiness using a simple stone. 

Although I do not inject anymore, I still work with many people who use cosmetic injections as a part of their facial upkeep. I don’t believe people have to be in one camp or the other, I love teaching people how to incorporate both into their regimen. I eventually left the hospital scene altogether and now focus on teaching people how to move and touch their face on a daily basis. I also love educating on best skincare practices, which turned out to be a complete 180 from what I learned growing up as a kid in the early 90’s, trying in vain to heal my acne. 

Now, instead of being completely self-absorbed in my "problem skin", I am inspired to help others create transformation in their own lives. My purpose is to empower people to enhance their natural beauty and embrace the aging process, through the healing practices of self love and therapeutic touch, nurturing their skin within.



Q: What was the catalyst behind setting up your brand, Beauty Shamans? How did it all start?


A: At the time I was working in a western medical environment (an NYC hospital), I secretly loved learning about holistic methods of living, especially because being a nurse meant many days filled with stress. It started as a side hobby; I had started making essential oil blends at home and bringing them to my fellow nurses. I would teach them all about herbal medicine, how to care for the skin, techniques on how to calm their nervous system with essential oils, or what superfoods could do for the body. I was literally an unofficial health coach to my peers, acting as a resource for how to live healthier. Many of them knew I had a background in skincare, so naturally I became everyone’s private esthetician too! 

I saw some of my peers really benefit, and I was enjoying the learning and the helping so much that I finally decided I was going to develop a few skincare products of my own that would include all of the ingredients I had been coaching my peers to look for (and none of the ones they should avoid). Seaweed and seawater emerged as the most important ingredients because of the nutrient profile, and the remarkable compatibility with human blood plasma. It's naturally rich in all the minerals our cells need not only to survive, but to thrive! In fact, algae is one of the largest sources of beta-carotene on the planet, which transforms into vitamin A in the skin, something necessary for proper cell turnover. It's also naturally rich in things like vitamin C, magnesium, copper, selenium and amino acids - all the things the body needs to create strong collagen. Because seawater is about 98% compatible with blood plasma, all of these nutrients become more bioavailable as you apply them daily. At the start, I was concerned I might have difficulty finding a reliable, clean source for such things but as it turned out, I randomly met a man on a train who spent his time sourcing clean seaweeds! That was the sign I needed to start creating my own magic.

Coming up with a name was inexplicably easy, as “Beauty Shamans” just kept coming into my head, almost like it was planted there. The words seemed to encapsulate everything I was trying to achieve, which was to become my own beauty healer and to teach others how to do the same. Beauty was an expression of health, while the shaman represented the healer or “doctor”, that lives within us all. Beauty Shamans was going to be about more than just a few products for your skin, it needed to be a philosophy and way of living if it was really going to make a difference for people. Now, my skincare philosophy includes not only what you put on your skin topically, but what you consume on a daily basis--from thoughts and emotions to what you eat and drink and what people or music you spend your time with: All of these things create the person you are from the inside out.



Q: Your services are sought after by many renowned clients. What products/ services are you currently offering to the world?


A: I have a full line of seaweed based skincare products and facial tools that I personally enjoy using as part of my own skin and facial care regimen. Seaweed is the star of my skincare line because it’s an underappreciated superfood for the skin. I wanted to provide people with products that were based on ancient ingredients meant to help heal, rather than conceal. I also offer facial fitness classes through my online studio! These classes include face shaping, toning and healing techniques such as facial massage, face yoga, gua sha, and facial reflexology. Most skincare apps or programs simply teach you “how to do X”, and then it’s up to you to do it on your own. I wanted to create an online studio where we do these movements and techniques together step by step, it’s like a workout class but for your face, and it’s accessible worldwide so anyone can join in! To me this is so important, because when you start seeing your face transform through your own efforts, without the use of artificial chemicals or procedures, it gives you something to really be proud of. It can really boost your confidence and help you truly love the person you see in the mirror every day. 



Q: Can you give us some customer and client success stories?


Hi Shelly! I just wanted to tell you that I joined your Studio a couple weeks ago and I am so grateful that I found you! I initially sought out these techniques to slow and reverse signs of aging, and whole aesthetics still matter, through our work I’ve felt so much of the shame and insecurity melt away. I feel more connected to my body, and more accepting of what I was perceiving as flaws. However, I’ve also watched my face change in wonderful ways! My smile and eyes are brighter and surprisingly, my bite is better and my jaw more aligned! Previous accounts I followed always magnified my shame, your work feels like an act of self love and I find myself looking forward to my daily practice. Thank you! 

  • A studio member 

    This oil has been really healing for my skin, which has been inflamed, red and scaly due to chronic stress and imbalance. I am only using the oil to clean with right now (no follow-up cleanser), and my skin has completely calmed down -- and I have had no breakouts with the oil. The oil has a lovely, subtle and natural scent and is lightweight. I only notice a little left on my skin after wiping it off, which is nourishing. Highly recommend this!  - T. Fleisher 


    This oil is AMAZING for my wintery dry skin. I consider myself to have high standards for skincare products using lots of medical grade. This product is so soothing not only to the skin, but to the overall senses with its luxurious feel and natural scent.

    A new staple in my regimen.  -Erin 


    In love with this cleanser! The claims are accurate - skin is highly balanced and never dry when using this product. I’ve got combination skin that has dried out using other natural/“clean” cleansers in the past. This one’s rich in minerals you can literally feel as the creamy foam purifies your pores. Skin looks far better now at 38 than at 22, no joke. I will keep purchasing and supporting this amazing business for years to come. - Melisah 



    Q: What are your thoughts regarding your business expansion this year. Enlighten us with your vision.


    A: Since most people who use our skincare products continue to come back for more, I’ve recently launched a subscription plan called Beauty Shamans Gold (which offers a generous discount to our regulars), because I wanted to make it easy for people to continue giving their skin the best. We’re currently working on new seaweed formulas, so you can expect to see some exciting new offerings later in the year. I have also been playing around with the idea of a men’s line as well as a body care line. I would love to see one of those happen this year but it may be a bit further out for those. 


    The Skin Within Studio (face workouts) has been growing quickly, as more and more people are seeing the value in touching and moving their face on a daily basis. I am of course thankful for that but this year I want to be out in the field more, teaching people these techniques in person. I already have a few in-person classes scheduled throughout the New York area, and I hope to be able to tour more parts of the country to connect with like-minded people and spread awareness about the amazing things you can do for your face, skin and spirit.




    Q: What advice would you give someone looking forward to healing their skin and overall health from inside out?



    A: When healing the skin from the outside, the key is reducing overall inflammation. You may have one very active product in your regimen that has a certain function, but overall the products you put on your skin should be calming, nourishing, and nutrition based, not chemical or pharmaceutical. I opt to apply seaweed on my skin daily because it is a very potent regenerative substance, but many kinds of botanical products can have calming effects and offer antioxidant benefits for the skin. 

    Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Chemical skin may look good at first, but as the saying goes, it’s only skin-deep. I believe it is more important (and fulfilling) to work on healthy skin that ages well than to create an artificial image of healthy skin.

    Lowering skin inflammation with topical products would be temporary at best without fostering a healthy internal environment as well. For that, start by looking at your diet and gut health. Next, recognize that what we eat is not the only thing impacting the health of our skin cells. From the moods we dwell in to the thoughts we run through our minds, our inner condition has a very real impact on the way our face looks. We very often don’t speak to ourselves the way we would a loved one. Why is that? The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. When you start to feel better about who you are inside, wrinkles naturally start to soften, the eyes start to brighten, the cheeks will have a more lifted and happy appearance, and the skin takes on a radiating glow.

    The first step here is to say yes to yourself. What I mean by that is to start taking actions that put your well-being first. Start choosing yourself over sacrificing your happiness for others. Start being open and ready to receive everything in life that you deserve. It is my belief that transformation (skin or otherwise) doesn’t happen after you heal, but when you agree to heal. 


    Q: Where can our readers find your work? How can they connect with you?


    A: I recently created a new section in my Studio called “Ask Shelly!” People write in their skincare questions and I create a short video with my response. These videos are completely free to view from anywhere around the world.


    The Skin Within Studio membership is where you can access 5-20 daily facial classes. This can be accessed through my website or by downloading the app here:


    If you’re in the US, Canada or the UK then you can experience some of our seaweed skincare products and facial tools which can be found on my website, A good way to stay in touch is to sign up for my newsletter emails. Our email tribe receives a lot more skincare education as well as access to private sales. 


    You can also follow me on Instagram! I share a lot of quick skincare and lifestyle tips here; my handle is @beautyshamans linked here:

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