Watch Out for These 2 Toxic Skincare Ingredients



Ever feel confused when you look at the back of a skincare product and the words have 25 letters, 7 syllables and a bunch of x's, numbers and abbreviations?!

We do!

It can be overwhelming to try to learn about every single toxic ingredient out there, but you have to start somewhere! Start by learning little by little. Let's start with the 2 most common no no's that we never formulate with, but are very prevalent in conventional and over the counter skincare.

1. Sodium Laureth Sulfate -SLS is an industrial strength chemical surfactant (detergent) found in many household items such as dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and facial cleansers. While is does an excellent job dissolving dirt, oil and water on clothing or dishes, the skin doesn't tolerate it as well. SLS strips the skin's barrier, wipes out all of your natural oils and depletes the skin of water content. With the lipid barrier destroyed, the result is dry, irritated, red skin that is now prone to breakout and wrinkles.
Not to mention, some SLS has been processed with 1,4,-dioxane, a compound linked to some cancers.

Try Sea Silk Wash instead, a seaweed facial cleanser that uses a coconut based emulsifier to break down makeup, dirt and pollution while still leaving your natural oils intact.

2. Dimethicone - Found in shampoos, serums, moisturizers, foundations, and makeup primers, this petroleum based ingredient creates a plastic like barrier over the skin, trapping underneath it things like oils, sweat and bacteria. This has detrimental effects on the health of the skin, not only does it have no nutritional value, but it leads to more breakouts and skin aging because of the occlusive barrier it creates.


Big skin and makeup companies love using it because it's inexpensive to produce and it hides the pores, wrinkles and skin congestion making your skin appear healthier when in fact, its doing more damage.


Try the Nori Oxygen Gel or Earth Pearl Serum. Instead of a a plastic like film, these serums contain liquid oxygen, an ingredient that flushes cells with O2 and pushes out CO2. This provides nutrients and detoxification and since it doesn't dissolve in water OR oil, it creates a natural barrier on the skin while you wear it.

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