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The Serum Collection

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The Serum Collection is designed to promote hydration and overall skin health. Whether your skin needs exfoliation, a boost of mineral-rich hydration, or a potent infusion of C and B vitamins, this diverse bundle of seawater-based serum formulations will have you covered. 


Triple Acid Seaweed Serum - Use as a skin primer before applying other products. The acids help exfoliate the top layer of skin to allow other products absorb better, and to give your skin a smooth glow. 

Nori Gel Serum - Use this when your skin feels parched, flaky or sensitive. Red seaweeds and seawater help to remineralize and repair flaky/dehydrated skin, while hyaluronic acids help hold and attract water into the skin. 

Vitamin Sea Serum - This serum can help minimize or correct signs of environmental damage, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, or dullness. Vitamin C helps the skin synthesize new collagen, while niacinamides (B vitamins) help to improve texture and moisture levels. 


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