How to Prevent Pigment This Summer

I love being in the sun, and although I don't mind a few sun freckles here and there, blotchy pigmentation or melasma patches indicate that my skin has been damaged. And that is a no no for me.


BUT! I finally found a regimen that works for me! I hope you find it useful this summer if pigmentation is an issue for you! 

(Oh and by the way, I don't wear sun protection before 8am or after 5pm. You can read more about my relationship with sunscreen here.


For now, here are my tips: 

Load up on antioxidants (berries, veggies, etc). Make a hydrating smoothie a few times a week so that your body will be more ready to handle damage from UV exposure.

Add Herbal Face Food to your routine - this super antioxidant acts as a “chemical sunscreen” because as your skin absorbs UV rays, the antioxidants neutralize damage. If your sunscreen wears off, you’ll still have some level of protection by wearing this daily (use code BEAUTYSHAMANS for 30% off first orders).

Before heading out into the sun, apply Sol Veil SPF 25. This is a mineral based sunscreen that helps to reflect UV rays from damaging the skin while you’re out enjoying the sunshine. If you're going to be a the beach or out in the sun all day, I recommend applying something heavy duty OVER Sol Veil; I usually go for Babyganics or Badger and really cake it on (I don't mind the white cast in the summer). 

Make sure you have Mermaid Face in your bag and throughout the day, spritz the skin to rehydrate and re-mineralize. It’s especially important to spray this on any sunburn because the antioxidants and micro-algae in it help repair damage from UV rays. If you’re prone to pigmentation, note that heat all by itself can stimulate erratic melanin production in your skin which can make the skin look “dirty” or blotchy. By keeping the skin cool (in addition to wearing your SPF), you can prevent pigment from being triggered this summer. Splash your face with ice cold water after a an hour in the sun, or if you don’t have access to a sink, pool or beach then keep Mermaid Face handy at all times to instantly cool down.

After your day in the sun, make sure you wash off all the sunscreen, sweat and air pollution built up on the face by using Shell Scrub (ideally used in the shower). This will cleanse, moisturize and provide light exfoliation.

Apply a nourishing facial oil to rebalance and moisturize after being in the sun. Clear Glow Omega Oil is my top choice for the summer. The tea tree promotes a clearer complexion, the omega 3 fatty acids re-balance the skin and seaweed acts as a potent antioxidant to renew collagen.

Do you need all of these products? No. But will they make a difference? They did for me. In fact, I use these so much during the summer that I created a bundle specifically for living a sunny lifestyle. Shop The Sunny Skin Bundle here! 


Pigmentation Pre-cautions. These are things that could induce more pigmentation this summer: 

- retinols 

- over-exfoliation, or chemical peels 

- eating junk on a regular basis

- stress (specifically no sleep) 

- remaining in a dehydrated or overheated state for too long  

- drinking too much alcohol 

- hydroquinone (a bleaching agent for the skin) 

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