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Royal Anti-Aging Skinfood Bundle
Royal Anti-Aging Skinfood Bundle
Royal Anti-Aging Skinfood Bundle

Royal Anti-Aging Skinfood Bundle

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Ideal for aging skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and rosacea 

This bundle includes some of the most powerful age defying beauty ingredients in the world. Antioxidant-rich food for the skin (both inside and out) helps maintain cellular hydration levels, prevent collagen breakdown, and gives skin a beautiful healthy glow. 

Bundle Includes:


Hibiscus + Green Tea Peel
Red Algae Propolis Mask
Sweet Energy Royal Jelly Formula

Apply Hibiscus + Green Tea Peel to clean skin every few days to provide gentle exfoliation while calming redness and inflammation. Do not remove. Apply your other products on top of the peel. The combination of glycolic, lactic (from hibiscus flowers), and salicylic acids regulates cell turnover, brightens pigment, and removes dirt from pores. Seaweed and green tea provide powerful antioxidant action on the skin while keeping the complexion soft and glowing. 

Use Red Algae Propolis Mask once a week or as needed to provide extra hydration, antioxidant protection, and immune support for the skin. Red Algae soothes dryness and inflammation while Propolis (a gooey substance from a healthy bee hive) helps to strengthen cell membranes and fight free radical damage. 

Sweet Energy Formula is pure honey blended with a hefty 1000 milligrams of royal jelly per serving. We recommend taking one teaspoon daily for optimal anti-aging benefits. Royal Jelly, the exclusive food of the queen bee, is a highly nutritious complex of many bio-active compounds found nowhere else in nature or artifice. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and helps restore cellular energy for a beautifully youthful complexion.
Sweet Energy can be found on the producer’s site here if you run out and need more.