Why investing in a good moisturizer is so important

First off, what is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer is an emulsion of both water and oil. Your skin needs water to keep deeper skin cells hydrated and plump, and it needs oil to keep the top layer of skin soft, balanced and protected. Blended with the right proportions, the oil + water combination creates a rich textured cream that nourishes and smooths the skin.

Your moisturizer acts as a shield for the skin, protecting it from bacterial invasion, harsh weather conditions, and from losing too much water. This is important because it’s when the skin loses its water content that inflammation can build up, collagen can break down and acne can flare. This is when we can start to see fine lines, angry breakouts, or flaky, dull skin. A good moisturizer will also be full of nutrition-packed ingredients. The ingredients the skin interacts with will determine the quality of skin cells being generated and the speed at which this process takes place. Most OCT creams are a simple emulsion of water and oil but made from basic non-nutritive ingredients like _**petroleum and dimethicone**_.

Some people may find these irritating to the skin while others may be fine with it, but one thing is true regardless if your skin can tolerate synthetics - these ingredients supply absolutely no benefit to the integrity of the skin. Ideally, your moisturizer will be full of antioxidants, plant medicines, collagen signaling ingredients like peptides, and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

For me, a good moisturizer hits all of these 3 points:

- made with natural, organic ingredients
- the right amount of occlusivity and breathability for your skin type
- contains reparative or active ingredients for collagen regeneration and protection

My recommendation:

If you have normal to dry skin, then you’ll love Plankton Peptide Cream.

It does a superb job at sealing in your skin’s natural hydration levels (and your serums) AND it simultaneously provides cell repairing plankton extracts and collagen stimulating peptides at the same time.

Besides its high nutritional profile for the skin, the two things I love most about this cream are that it literally makes the skin feel tighter and lifted when you apply it, and when you wash your face the next day, you will still feel that smooth layer of cream on the skin!

In the wintertime, my skin LOVES having this layered on at night before bed. I like to apply a light serum, a few drops of facial oil and THEN apply Plankton Peptide on top to seal everything in.

Many people like to wear an oil over a moisturizer but I personally don’t like that order because while an oil may be made of pure lipids, a moisturizer is actually thicker in most cases and should be worn over the oil so that your skin can actually get the benefits of the oil being close to the skin (in the case that your lotion is extremely light and thin, then you could benefit from wearing an oil over it). But If your skin is truly in need of adequate moisture, and you like the feel of a richer cream, then try the Plankton Peptide Cream. It can be worn morning and night although there are no SPF factors in it.

My recommendation: If you have oily skin, then you'll love The Cream from Herbal Face Food.

If you have oily to normal skin you may think skipping a moisturizer is a good idea.

While you can get away with that on some days, you really can’t go on forever without a moisturizer, your skin is going to need some kind of occlusive and nutrient-dense agent to maintain a properly balanced pH. In fact, if you let acne or oily skin get too dry on the surface, your oil glands will receive a message that they need to provide moisture on the surface and will actually start to secrete more oil as a protective mechanism!

When it comes to oily skin, you want a moisturizer that is non-irritating, and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties but is light enough that your skin can still breathe. You do want some occlusivity to keep water in but you’ll want to avoid a super heavy cream because it could trap dead skin cells which contributes to clogged pores in oily individuals.

I recommend Herbal Face Food’s The Cream because it’s super high in antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients, it prevents pigmentation due to the plant’s natural defense properties, and it provides the perfect balance of occlusivity and breathability. It also has a natural, plant-based SPF of 50 - which means it doesn’t use conventional SPF agents that may clog your pores.

The Cream works great with all skin types (even dry) but I especially recommend it if your skin prefers something that feels light.

Read more about this powerhouse product Herbal Face Food The Cream 

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