A Typical Morning Skin Routine for Me

Although my routine can vary from day to day, here is what a typical morning looks like for me!

My skincare routine starts with a few staples: a full glass of water with Athletic Greens followed by my morning coffee. I also always do some light stretching to wake up the muscles, loosen the fascia, and stimulate some lymphatic flow.

The remainder of the morning depends on what I am doing later in the day. If I'm heading into the spa then I'll always jump in the shower for a rinse!

Face Washing

Every morning, I wash my face, neck, and chest using one of the Beauty Shamans cleansers. I alternate between Sea Silk Wash and Shell Scrub, depending on if my skin needs exfoliation that day or not. I like using Shell Scrub in the shower because it allows the water to easily wash away the fine pumice stones from the skin.

If it's a day where I'm not really going anywhere, I may skip the shower and take my time with a longer oil massage using my Cleansing Beauty Oil.

This oil cleanser is a really simple formula (sometimes basic is better for the skin) but has so many benefits. I formulated it with some thin oils, some thick oils and some in between. Thinner oils will penetrate fast to calm inflammation and heal damage while thicker oils act as great emulsifiers (cleansing agents) on the surface of the skin. The medium bodied oils blend well with our natural sebum to keep the surface really moisturized and balanced. It's naturally fragranced with citrus essential oils which help to brighten the complexion, enhance product penetration and prevent bacteria from spreading on the skin.

After a few minutes of massaging it into my skin, I wipe it off fully with a hot damp washcloth and then apply my products in the same way as I would if I was heading out.

Layering Products

When I'm out of the shower (or after a morning oil cleanse), I spray Mermaid Face all over my upper body and just let it soak in for a few seconds before applying about 2 pumps of Nori Oxygen Gel Serum. I love using this serum in the morning because it leaves my skin feeling really hydrated without any kind of greasy residue.

After my serum application, I always add about 2-3 drops of one of my Omega Oils. The one I choose depends on how my skin feels and what kind of energy I'm needing that day.


If I need something to help me feel calm, or if I need some soothing moisture on the skin,

I grab my C weed Omega Oil.

If I feel my morning needs some bright and uplifting energy, or if my skin is a little broken out,

I will use Clear Glow Omega Oil.

And if I need to ground my energy, or if my skin is feeling irritated or imbalanced,

then I will use Goddess Omega Oil.


The serum + oil combination blends together and absorbs slowly into the skin throughout the day so no water can escape and my skin maintains a dewy glow for hours.


I've been using this combination on my skin for years and I think it's why I get so many compliments on my skin during the day.


I wait a few minutes to let those two products fully absorb and then I apply Sol Veil SPF 25. This has easily become one of our most popular products because it's more than just a sun protective cream, it actually helps to keep the skin hydrated and balanced for the whole day (it's formulated with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and green tea). What's dangerous about it is that once you start using it, you probably won't be able to go back to anything else! I make this in a full size version as well as a travel friendly size.

Shelly's Tips

On sunscreen:

Of the many options, an SPF that uses either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (a physical block) is preferred because chemical-based SPF does not reflect UV rays, instead, the UV is absorbed and broken down within the layers of the skin creating more free radical damage.

Sol Veil SPF25 is what I recommend for daily wear because it has titanium dioxide so it will reflect UVA/UVB rays and it will also protect the skin from blue light (computers, phones, etc).

If I'm going to be at the beach all day for hours then I apply Sol Veil first and then top it with something a little thicker about 10 minutes before stepping out into the sun; my favorites are from BabyGanics or Badger (these are companies that specialize in making thicker sunscreens).

Every 2 hours I re-apply by alternating Sol Veil and one of the heavier duty ones.

At the end of the day, I usually need to use Shell Scrub to remove all the layers of SPF I've applied.


On face washing in the AM:

I know many people say it's not necessary to wash your face in the morning but everyone's skin is unique and different so please listen to your body and test out what works best for you. I personally find that I need to wash my face every morning, if I don't, my skin becomes rough, flaky, and shiny within a few hours of waking up.

This happens because we all perspire while we sleep, and it's during our sleeping hours that the body goes through the most repair and detoxification. With skin being our largest organ of detoxification, means that oil, sweat, and cellular byproducts will be expelled from the body, and eventually settle on the surface of the skin.

If you feel that washing in the morning dries your skin out, then try oil cleansing instead.

Oil is a magnet for other oil (and dirt, sweat, and bacteria living on the skin), so it will rebalance the barrier while giving your skin a fresh start for the day. You'll also receive so many circulatory benefits from the light morning massage!



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