Why Beauty? Why Shamans?

Why Beauty?

True natural beauty has been prized by men and women alike since the beginning of time. Songs have been sung of it, wars have been fought over it, and today a multi-billion dollar industry serves our unending desire for beauty. 
Have we ever stopped to ask why? 

The answer is simple: true natural beauty is a sign of good health. 

The proof for this is in plain view. Foundation/concealer products are designed to give our face a smooth, evenly-colored appearance. Blush lends color to our cheeks, giving the appearance of good circulation. Eyeliner allows even a dull, tired eye to appear bright. 

Love it or hate it, beauty is power, and the power of beauty opens doors. It is an intangible currency that changes lives by its presence or absence. There is almost no area of life--from business to romance--that is unaffected by our appearance. But is it enough to merely appear to be healthy, and thus, beautiful? Also, how long can we keep our outward appearance looking beautiful while being unwell on the inside? 

If your interest is in polishing your inherent beauty to shine (think glowing skin, silky hair, a pleasant body scent) then, by extension, your interest is in holistic health. All outward signs of beauty are markers of internal health and well-being. Sure, most of us get a "grace period" in our youth, during which we can get away with anything. Alas, time wears away all things, and the more unhealthily we live during those years of seeming invincibility, the quicker our youthful vibrancy fades. 

Our studies, experiences, and travels have led us to this understanding: For lasting beauty and a future of wellness, we must return to ancient practices, primordial ingredients, and reclaim the wisdom of the past. ​​

Why Shamans?

The shaman was an important figure in many ancient cultures and societies. Both as a personal healer and as a societal store of knowledge, their overall duties could be described as keeping the balance in all things. Often, altered states of consciousness were employed, giving them uncommon insight into the problems they were expected to deal with. 

Today we are taught to look upon this ancient figure with contempt, trusting instead in our modern "medicine men", with their vast pharmacopeia and structural diagrams of the body. Yet, with so many health issues continually on the rise, with countless people still searching for ways to retain the beauty of youth, we may want to consider that an alteration in our state of consciousness, a change in the way we think of health and beauty, is the beginning of finding a solution. 

The "default setting" for life in our time is a chemical-laden, sleep-deprived, high-stress roller coaster. Our health and beauty peaks early, and often briefly, as we subject ourselves to an unending barrage of toxic food, drink, air, and product. All these things contribute to systemic inflammation, which is the primary cause of premature aging (wrinkles), fatigue (looking/feeling tired), and chronic illness (diabetes, eczema, cancer). This damage to our overall health diminishes our natural beauty (and nowhere is this more evident than in our skin). 

The standard remedies of heavy makeup, topical "miracle" creams, and assorted pills do little more than mask systemic problems. This dissatisfying spectacle terminates in a series of trips to hospitals for the treatment of chronic or degenerative conditions; the health and beauty of youth no more than a distant memory. 

To travel that depressing path through life requires no special effort: Simply buy whatever petrochemical products the beauty-industry giants want to sell, eat anything that is cheap and convenient, take lab-produced drugs for any symptoms that arise, and keep your insurance premiums paid up. Easy. Default. No thought required.

But there are other paths to tread. 
You have a choice in the kind of life you live.

Systemic inflammation can be reversed and your natural beauty restored with the proper tools, education, and practices; which we will offer you here. Though we cannot transport you to a time when life was simpler and the environment cleaner, we can help you to create these things for yourself, here and now: we can help you learn to restore the balance. 

Though some may seek to shame you, assigning the label of "vain" for daring to care for your body (not just smear it with chemicals, but really care for it), we choose to celebrate and serve you. As shamans, we could do no less. This is because we know that while we live, there is no separating the spirit from the body. If we would give our spirit the proper conditions to grow, to spread its wings and soar, then we must tend to the body. Solid health, and the enduring natural beauty that comes with it, form the soil that nurtures the growth of a beautiful spirit. 

​Let's be beautiful together.

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