The Downside of Hydrating Products




There's no denying it, the skin NEEDS hydration to be healthy.

To keep our skin adequately hydrated from the inside out, we need about 2-3L of water daily. To keep the skin hydrated from the outside in, we need water-based products to be absorbed beyond the top layer of the skin.

But would you allow your drinking water to have a micro-dose of a toxic preservative put in it? The problem with most hydrating products is just that; many of them contain toxic preservatives that we "ingest" on a daily basis through our pores and skin.

Why Some “Preservatives" are Necessary

Most facial oils will not contain synthetic preservatives because oils are naturally resistant to bacteria. Hydrating water-based products on the other hand NEED some kind of preservative to prevent bacteria, fungus, mold, and rancidity. This means all of your serums, sprays, and moisturizers (combination of oil + water) absolutely need some kind of preservative ingredient or system to keep the products fresh and safe to use.

What Some are Using

Unfortunately, many toxic additives have been and are still being used in common household products. Some European countries have banned certain additives from use in skincare products, but here in the USA there are still no concrete regulations for what can be used as preservatives in skincare products! Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, toxic parabens and BHT are some of the most common additives used to preserve our products, but at a cost.

For example parabens are immune system and skin toxicants, they mimic estrogen and can disrupt the endocrine system, are considered toxic to the developmental and reproductive systems, may interfere with gene expression, and are associated with cancer.

Although many additives are deemed "safe" in small amounts, I personally will not accept feeding my body micro-doses of possible cancer causing and endocrine disrupting substances, especially knowing there is an alternative.

The Good News

The good news is that you can find hydrating products WITHOUT those harmful chemicals so that your skin can benefit from the water based ingredients while still maintaining its health.

Beauty Shamans uses a combination of radish root ferment, lactobacillus, and citric acid to keep products fresh, potent and free from bacterial invasion. These ingredients are nontoxic and don't cause irritation or possible endocrine or immune dysfunction within the layers of the skin. This a tested and trusted natural bacterial defense system used in numerous high-quality products around the world.

You can expect this chemical-free combo to keep your Beauty Shamans products (or other clean beauty brands) fresh for up to a year!

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