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5 Tips if you're traveling to a colder environment

In colder climates, the skin gets dry and tends to "harden" up as a defense mechanism. When the whole body is cold, it's more difficult for the muscles of the body (and face) to completely relax either. These are my tips for traveling to colder climates:

1. Use Cleansing Beauty Oil (or cleansing oil) every evening to remove "the day" from the pores, soften and loosen dead skin cells, and moisturize and balance the lipid barrier.

2. Pack a gentle cleanser to use daily. Your cleanser should not contain harsh chemicals (like sodium Laureth sulfate) because that will dry out the skin in cold environments. Try to avoid anything that foams, stick with creams and gels.

Recommended: Sea Silk Wash

3. Pack a liquid exfoliant you can use every few days to remove dead skin. This will allow your oils and creams to penetrate the skin and will keep it more hydrated and glowing.

Recommended: Hibiscus Green Tea Peel

4. Wear oil to bed. Whether you are layering your oil with serums and moisturizers or not, it's important that your skin gets extra moisture so you can wake up with your skin feeling soft and supple.

Recommended: Goddess Omega Oil or C weed Omega Oil

5. Move your muscles.

People come back from colder places looking older because their muscles have been tense and constricted more than normal. Stretch your body upon waking and before bed, and work in some face yoga and facial massage to keep facial muscles warm, flexible and relaxed.

5 Tips if you're traveling to warmer environment

In warmer climates the pores open up and get more gunk stuck in them. The skin can easily get dehydrated and start feeling rough if there is not enough internal hydration and proper skincare.

1. Use Cleansing Beauty Oil (or a cleansing oil) every evening to remove "the day" from the pores. This also sends signals to oil glands to not over produce oil to the surface, and moisturizes and balances the lipid barrier at the same time.

2. Pack a gentle scrub and use it every few days or as needed. A scrub will loosen and remove dead skin cells so your products penetrate better but won't sensitize your skin to the sun as much as a liquid exfoliant with acids.

Recommended: Shell Scrub

3. Keep a hydrating spray in your bag at all times. Spray throughout the day, you'll feel refreshed, energized and it will re-hydrate your skin on the spot. Recommended: Mermaid Face

4. Pack a clay mask and use it on any blemishes that pop up in the heat or from sweating. This will help to heal the blemish and suck out inflammation in place of hefty RX creams that may sensitize the skin to the sun and cause a dark spot later.

5. Keep your moisturizing routine light at night. A serum and light layer of oil is all you need to keep skin hydrated and balanced. Look for something that provides moisture but also keeps bacteria from building up in the pores.

Recommended: Nori Oxygen Gel and Clear Glow Omega Oil.

5 Tips for a plane ride straight to an event

1. Drink lots of water and move around. Do face yoga in your seat to move lymph, warm up your smile muscles, and increase circulation. Get up and walk the aisle every hour and a half-ish.

2. If wearing a mask, bring a few different masks with different materials and change them every 5-6 hours to prevent bacteria build up on the skin.

3. Pack some cotton, a toner, and a liquid exfoliant in your carry-on.

With 45 min left on the flight, gently wipe the entire face with the cotton and toner.

Apply the liquid exfoliant and wait 20 seconds before applying your serums, moisturizers, and SPF. Then spray your skin with the toner again to "set" it all in. This will give your skin an instant glow!

Recommended: Seawater Mist and Hibiscus Green Tea Peel.

(If you already have a full face of makeup, just spritz your skin with a hydrating mist 10 minutes before landing).

4. The best traveling secret I have is to use the Beauty Shamans Energy Wand throughout the flight. It vibrates 6,000 times per minute on the skin, helping to move lymph out quickly, reduce puffiness, increase microcirculation and calm any anxious nerves. It's plane safe, water-proof, packs easily, and doesn't break. It also feels really amazing.

5. Pack your favorite essential oil. Right before you land, apply a few drops to your neck, chest, wrists, and shoulders. You'll smell amazing, it will uplift your mood, shift your energy, and prevent feeling like you just got off a yucky plane.

Regardless of going to a warm or cold climate, always pack your

sunscreen and wear it daily!

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