The Most Coveted Skin Care Ingredient of Ancient Times

When it comes to skincare, no single flower in history has received more accolades than the rose. One of the earliest recorded ingredients for beauty mixtures and cosmetics, roses have been around for over 35 million years.

Originally found in Asia and the Middle East, roses inspired romantic poetry, music, fragrances, healing balms, and were used in cleansing oils and to protect against drying desert winds. Primarily available only to the wealthy,  legend has it that Cleopatra filled her rooms with the scent of roses for her lovers to remember her by.

Probably the most popular of the species, the Damask rose, or Rosa damascena, has many benefits for mind, body and spirit. The scent of it harmonizes the mind, dispelling depression, anger, fear, stress and headaches. It also addresses sexuality and self-esteem by promoting spiritual love. It can help poor circulation, asthma, digestive issues, coughs, and helps regulate hormones for a balanced mood and a healthy reproductive system. 

The cosmetic industry endorses so many new ingredients and formulations that the rose has, in many cases, been forgotten as one of the world’s most basic and beneficial skin care ingredients. Topically, it can help repair broken capillaries, calm inflammation and skin redness, eczema, and other forms of dermatitis. It is a superior skin hydrator and helps fight the appearance of aging skin and wrinkles. Roses also have antiseptic properties and can almost instantly calm irritated skin conditions. 

Whether you use rose petals or rose essential oil, there are so many uses and applications. Try diluting a drop or two of rose essential oil into a carrier oil and using it on acne, cuts, or blisters to help reduce inflammation. Mix it into your face moisturizers for an added hydrating and antiseptic effect. Used in a diffuser, it can calm anxiety and bring about a sense of confidence and improved self esteem. A warm bath filled with rose petals calms and rejuvenates your soul while infusing beneficial rose essence into your bloodstream via the skin.

With most consumers today being unaware of the amazing properties of roses, the price of rose petals and rose essential oil has allowed its use and popularity to slowly decline over the last few decades. After all, petro-chemicals are so much cheaper to produce!

In our own small effort to bring us back toward nature, we share with you our Body Armor, made with organic whole roses as a tribute to our grandmothers, and their grandmothers who probably used roses in their daily skincare rituals. Our signature product infuses rose petals as well as rose essential oil into a special formula to combat the signs of aging, hydrate skin and heal minor wounds. We hope you love it!

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