Skinfood: Coffee that Nourishes

​If you're interested in a healthier, more skin-friendly version of the popular coffee drinks available, then it is time you met Macachino.

This coffee-based beverage is a nutritional powerhouse. It also delivers long-lasting energy from multiple sources, instead of the usual crash and burn from drinks containing sugar-laced shots of espresso and artificial flavoring. Here's how it's done. ​​

1 tablespoon Puroast ground coffee (you can use any brand, but if you do a little reading you'll know why we think this is the best around)
1 tablespoon maca root powder
1.5 tablespoon cacao powder
1.5 tablespoon coconut oil or grass-fed butter
1.5 tablespoon maple syrup
1.5 cups clean water

For an extra “festive” cup, sprinkle in one or all of the following spices: cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You can also adjust the quantities of the powders, syrup and oil/butter to suit your taste and texture preferences.  

Directions: Brew the coffee as you ordinarily would using the 1.5 cups of clean water (we use one of those little steel Bialetti pots that unscrews at the middle).

While the coffee is brewing, load everything else into: A) a large mug or B) a small blender such as a nutri-bullet 

Add the brewed coffee into the mix when it's done and either stir vigorously (a milk frother is handy here) or blend it up. 


Coffee: contains caffeine which boosts energy levels, increases concentration and can be a powerful antioxidant. 

Cacao: contains polyphenol antioxidants (the same group of antioxidants found in green tea and wine) which protects cells from premature oxidation or destruction. Cacao is also a great source of magnesium, which is important for bone health as well as all metabolic functions. 

Maca: a south american root that is known for its hormone regulating functions. People who take maca regularly report increased energy, sex drive, fertility, improved skin tone and less acne. It is very high in B vitamins, vitamin C & E, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus and amino acids. 

Maple Syrup: has a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar and, unlike artificial sweeteners, also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. The presence of important vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin (which is important for mood stability) make maple syrup a top choice for any health-conscious person with a sweet-tooth.    

Coconut oil: a medium chain triglyceride that, when ingested, is directed to the liver to be processed and used as fuel, rather than being stored as fat. 

Grass-fed butter: a healthy saturated fat that improves the lipid profile by creating more HDLs and converting small dense LDLs into large fluffy LDLs (which are actually good for you). It’s also a great source of vitamin K2 (great for keeping arteries clean), and butyrate, a short chain fatty acid that fights inflammation. 


Cardamom: helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys, freshens breath naturally and has immune boosting qualities. 

Cinnamon: lowers blood sugar, improves cardiovascular function, a great source of calcium and increases satiety. 

Nutmeg: reduces skin inflammation and irritation, boosts digestion and can help relieve insomnia 

​Enjoy in moderation!

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