Why Choose Seaweed for Your Skin


Seaweed, seawater, phytoplankton, and marine algae are starting to take their rightful place as vital and irreplaceable ingredients in the skincare industry. While micro-algae represent a major source of the world's oxygen supply, seawater itself has been known for centuries to be the ultimate mineral water, whose chemistry is virtually identical to that of fluids within the human body.

Due to the molecular similarity between seawater and blood plasma, the benefits of using marine based products go beyond the depth of the skin. Seawater, and all of its sea vegetable components have a very distinct mineral makeup that happen to be almost exactly identical to human blood plasma. In ancient times, seawater was even used emergently as a transfusion fluid to prevent people from dying. Many people feel that swimming or bathing in seawater has a restorative effect, which makes sense; the minerals needed for optimal cell functioning are absorbed via the skin and restore cellular energy making you look and feel healthier.  

Land Plants Don't Have the Same Mineral Profile 

trition sourced from land-based plants only are almost always guaranteed to be deficient in trace elements and micronutrients, because unlike sea vegetables, their mineral profile is incomplete. Today, the lack of trace minerals in the Standard American Diet is a major cause for concern. Soil depletion and the prevalence of junk food translate into mineral and vitamin deficiencies which make themselves known in the form of skin disorders, organ dysfunction, neuro-endocrine disruption and even cancers. To make things even more difficult, eating a salad made with non-organic plants could be full of toxic heavy metals that tuck themselves into different organs.

Marine Life is a Major Source of Nutrition

While micro-algae (such as phytoplankton) contain fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, chlorophyll, and trace elements, various seaweed sources contains high amounts of alginates (flush heavy metals from the body), minerals, trace elements, fucoidan and laminaria. Common minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus play an essential role in the body; from synthesis of collagen, connective and bone tissue, to regulating the nervous system and cellular metabolism. Trace elements, such as copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, silica, and chromium play a vital role in the synthesis of enzymes and hormones; things which are crucial to maintaining life itself. They also contribute to building proteins that make up the structures of the skin.

Marine life is a major source of nutrition both internally and eternally. Consuming seaweed or phytoplankton can be accomplished through food (nori, wakame, dulce, hijiki, and kombu) or seaweed supplements (liquid dropper or capsule form). An even easier way to get daily benefits of seaweed is by using it topically. Using marine based skincare products can work wonders for the skin while simultaneously providing a daily dose of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins which, when absorbed, can help balance and restore cellular health.

Benefits of of Topical Seaweed

Exfoliation: Laminaria algae increases the rate of cellular desquamation, or shedding of the skin. This is accomplished without irritating of the skin, which may be common with Retin-A or AHA treatments. The end result is fresher and firmer skin.

Nourishment: Seaweed is a virtually perfect food and is (by weight) the richest source of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, phyto-hormones, polysaccharides and enzymes. Whether through the application of a mask, or through bathing, billions of marine ions diffuse through the skin creating a transdermal alternative to eating a source of these vital nutrients.

Collagen synthesis: Magnesium, iron, manganese and copper synergized with vitamin C, activate the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and contribute to the renewal of the connective tissue and leads to a thickening of the skin.

Protect & Repair: Seaweed, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, helps to protect the cells from free radical damage while repairing cell membranes that have already been compromised. Research shows us that alginates found in seaweed have the ability to absorb radioactive elements, heavy metals and free radicals and flush them from the cells, while fucoidan extracts promote apoptosis of cancer cells.  

Sun Protection & Repair: Plankton extracts have been shown to repair damage to DNA caused by UV exposure. Essential to any anti-aging routine, plankton extracts are catalyzed by sun exposure to provide added protection from DNA damage by realigning and reconfiguring damaged DNA molecules within a cell. Plankton is a micro-algae that either directly or indirectly supports all ocean life as we know it. Scientist predict that 70-90% of the world's oxygen is produced by this powerhouse ingredient.

Detoxification: Seaweed can detoxify cells in two ways. The first way is through transdermal ionization with marine elements that penetrate the skin tissue to neutralize free radicals. Potassium is introduced into the cells helping to flush out sodium and cellular waste in the connective tissue. The second method of detoxification is through lymph drainage. Seaweed, along with therapeutic essential oils, promote drainage of lymph laden with metabolic wastes. As toxins leave the cell, fresh plasma and oxygen rush in to restore and revitalize the cell.

Promotes Vascular Circulation: Most seaweeds improve vascular circulation of the surface skin cells. As this process occurs, skin cells are irrigated with nutrients, helping to promote healthy growth.

The numerous trace elements and minerals found in seaweed, seawater, and sea algae are essential to life. When applied to the skin, marine based products promote cellular regeneration and detoxification, collagen synthesis, and a healthy skin flora for a beautifully healthy complexion. At Beauty Shamans, we use isotonic seawater, organic seaweed extracts, and marine algae in the majority of our products because we believe in the need to feed the skin. And as the skin absorbs a large amount of whatever ingredients are applied topically, we rest better at night knowing that your skin will not only look better, but be healthier too.

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