Superfood spotlight: Chlorella


This single-cell fresh water algae contains quality protein and impressive amounts of a host of important micronutrients, including zinc, vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and more. Though technically a food, readily found in nature (it's actually one of the oldest lifeforms on earth), chlorella is tiny and often pressed into pills, making it seem very much like a supplement, but it's actually a powerful superfood. 



Chlorella also has an incredibly strong cell wall, requiring specialized treatment to break open so you can access the nutrition inside. This drives up the cost, again making other green foods more attractive for daily consumption. So some may ask, "why bother?" 

Chlorella happens to be excellent at detoxification. Really excellent. Most of us know that various heavy metals taint our environment, from air to food to water, and chlorella has been shown to not only bind to those metals but it may also have a protective effect. We can tell you firsthand that when it comes to alcohol (a toxin far more common and more enjoyable than lead), a properly timed serving of chlorella can help your liver handle the load, potentially leaving you headache-free the morning after a wedding or a big night out. 

When it comes to skin health, the detoxifying power of chlorella can help reduce systemic inflammation while cleansing and alkalizing the blood, which translates to healthier skin cells. After all, skin is highly vascular and it is literally grown and fed via its contact with the flow of blood. 

If all that isn't enough to grant chlorella "super" status, consider its benefit to the immune system. Tightly controlled studies have demonstrated that even short-term consumption of chlorella boosts immune function by increasing the production of natural killer cells and regulating the early inflammatory response.



If you know how many problems are caused by out of control inflammation in the body then you know how broad the potential benefits are here. The inflammation response has an effect on everything, from skin complexion and food digestion to how your joints feel. 

In sum, consider adding chlorella to your diet as a nutritional supplement and for the systemic benefits it may bring. Be sure to look for "broken cell wall". Seaweed is naturally rich in chlorophyll (the phytonutrient that gives chlorella its name) as well. Having ample amounts of this nutrient can be great help toward having glowing skin, while topical application demonstrates immediate calming and detoxifying properties. Topical use of seaweed or chlorella, such as what's found in many of Beauty Shamans' skincare products, helps surface skin cells function properly, which can contribute to to fewer wrinkles, less acne or other signs of skin damage. 


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