My Most Trusted Skincare Devices

My Two Most Trusted Skincare Devices


Recently, friends who have known me for a long time have asked, "how does your skin look better now than it did 15 years ago?" It's true, in my late 20's my skin was peppered with acne scars, I had dark pigmented sun spots and I actually had more wrinkles! How could I have more wrinkles at 25 than I do pushing 40? The simple answer is this; I started using seaweed on my skin every day and incorporated some kind of facial exercise into my daily routine. 

While "exercise" and "nutrition" are the bread and butter of my skincare regimen, I've found a few devices on the market that are actually worth the money. With regular use, I've seen my skin transform in a relatively short amount of time (considering we are always working against gravity and signs of aging, I'd say these devices work pretty quickly). 

Below are some of my most trusted at-home (yet professional-grade) skincare devices that I personally own, and love using periodically.

LED Technology

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. It uses different wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular energy within the skin (by targeting cellular mitochondria). In fact, NASA has used LED (red and infrared) lights in space shuttles to prevent muscle atrophy and grow food. Many astronauts returned from their space journeys with younger, thicker and less wrinkled skin! 

 Red and infrared light are the two wavelengths most commonly used for boosting collagen, reducing fine lines and clearing the complexion. That's because red light (wavelengths of 630-650 nm, up to 850 nm) boosts cellular metabolism, improves oxygenation of the skin (by dilating blood vessels) and even helps damaged collagen or muscles to repair faster! 

 People who suffer from acne are also going to enjoy red light because it helps calm inflammation and detoxify the skin. Blue LED light is especially good for acneic conditions because it kills bacteria on the skin by releasing oxygen which helps the "acute infection" or blemish heal faster. 

All in all, regular use of LED is one of the easiest and safest ways to boost collagen and improve skin texture, all in the comfort of your own home! You can use LED every day, it's safe during pregnancy and there are literally no side effects.* 


*If you have melasma, you'll want to be cautious as the heat from the LED lights may trigger more pigment. Although the pigment will turn darker at first, this is typically an indication that the damaged/pigmented cells are coming to the surface. With regular use, the pigmentation and melasma eventually gets broken down due to increased cell turnover and the dark spots fade. Depending on your lifestyle and how dark your pigmentation was at baseline, it can take some time to lighten up (maybe 3-6 months). 


Below are some of my favorite LED devices! They differ in how you use them in your daily routine, so my advice is to check out all of them and decide what may suit your lifestyle best. 


LED Handheld Lights:

Handheld LED wands offer the highest energy concentration among at-home devices. With approximately 72 lights per wand, they utilize patented multi-wave technology (red, deep red, amber, and infrared) for maximum skin benefits. 

Just 3 minutes of contact allows for optimal light energy absorption (the skin can only absorb so much light energy in one sitting so there is a 3 minute timer in the handhelds that tells you when to move to the next section of the face). 

 These are recommended for targeting specific concerns like crow's feet, "11" lines, texture around the mouth, and scarring on the cheeks or temples. Because they require you to sit and hold the device to your face, these wands are ideal for those willing to dedicate extra time to their treatments! If you want to see results fast, the wands are the way to go. 


I usually do Face Yoga while I use them!


LED Aduro Face Mask::

An LED face mask is the easiest and most convenient way to incorporate light therapy into your routine. While the lights on the mask are spaced further apart than a wand, resulting in a more diffuse spread of light and slightly less concentrated energy, it remains my favorite light therapy mask. It's user-friendly, rechargeable, and easy to store. 

This mask in particular has 11 different programs and customizable treatments using various light wavelengths; it definitely surpasses all other masks I've used. I've been using LED devices for over 15 years, and this mask stands out most.

Masks are best for overall maintenance of skin texture and collagen. It will not target specific areas of the concern, rather, it gives a more diffuse treatment to the entire face. Try to use a few times a week for best results. 


LED Light Panel by Bon Charge: 

Another great LED option; the LED light panel by Bon Charge! 

What I love about this panel is that it uses both red and infrared light wavelengths (great for boosting collagen AND helping your facial muscles stay toned). You can control the amount of time you want the light to stay on which is perfect for carving time out for a dual-purpose activity like meditation, yoga, gua sha, or facial massage. I like to set my timer for 20 minutes, sit down in front of the panel, and make a ritual out of it. 

If you're a habit stacker, this is the best option. Although you are further away from the lights, they are still strong enough to penetrate and treat the skin, so with regular use you'll start noticing amazing skin and health benefits. 

Use code BEAUTYSHAMANS15 for 15% off your first order with Bon Charge and check out some of their other LED options as well as their EMF defense products. 



Now, onto Microcurrent Devices! 

Microcurrent is really amazing technology. It essentially uses electrical signals to trigger our own natural electrical system, stimulating muscle cells and cell regeneration. When the muscles are stimulated, they become stronger, more toned, and lifted! It's that simple. 

Fun fact about the face: it is the only area of the body where the skin and muscles are directly attached, which means where the muscles go, the skin goes too! This makes microcurrent a great at-home option if you're interested in more heavy duty treatments at a spa. If you're using this regularly, you'll notice a more lifted, sculpted face in no time. Microcurrent also helps stimulate the movement of lymph so it's also great for de-puffing the face and helping with collagen regeneration. 


NuFACE Trinity PRO+ is my favorite microcurrent device on the market. 

 NuFACE has been around for a while, and all of their devices are great, but I have an inside connection to professional-grade devices that deliver up to 500 microamps of power. The regular models (widely available online) are 330 microamps. 

If you’re adding microcurrent to your routine, it can be easily incorporated in just 5 minutes a day. I take breaks but on average, I probably use mine twice a week, and I see a major difference in how lifted and toned my face appears after being consistent for a while. In conjunction with a regular Face Yoga Routine, you'll start seeing sustainable results even quicker.

This device is worth the investment, as long as you will actually use it! I have both the regular PRO+ and the PRO+ ELE in stock 

- the ELE is the "Effective Lip and Eye" attachment that helps give the eyes and lips some extra love and lift.*

*Special considerations -  Do not use microcurrent if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or have a history of epilepsy. 


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