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Classic Medicine Woman Gua Sha Ritual Bundle

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$153.00 USD

A Gua Sha Ritual set that includes The Classic Medicine Woman Tool and an omega oil of your choice. 

Apply a thin layer of oil to the skin and slowly move your tool from the center of the face to the perimeter using light, gentle pressure. Use morning and/or night to contour the face, eliminate puffiness and enhance the health of your skin. 

Material: Serpentine or "New Jade"

Apply a light layer of your favorite omega oil to use with your Gua Sha Tool: 

DRY/NORMAL SKIN: C weed Omega Oil has a comforting and floral vibe with strong notes of lavender, clary sage and roman chamomile. 

OILY/ACNE SKIN Clear Glow Omega Oil helps keep skin clear and feeling bright. It has strong notes of tea tree, thyme and rosemary.

DRY/SENSITIVE SKIN Goddess Omega Oil has a sultry and grounding aroma, its strongest notes are vetiver, ylang ylang and bitter orange.  


Watch a tutorial here!


Additional option for $18 more: 

 Stone Tool Pouch & Replacement Policy

Please note that most discounts will not apply to replacement policies or bundles that include them, however you may add a tool "a la carte" and a separate policy. 

Accidents happen, and unfortunately the nature of the semi-precious stones we use to craft our gua sha tools make them extremely fragile. One drop into a porcelain basin is often enough to cause breakage, so we offer a replacement policy for those interested.

If you have opted for the replacement policy on your stone gua sha tool, you are eligible for 1 replacement tool (same tool only) at no cost, within two years of initial order.

Outside the American states this "replacement" will take the form of a 100% off code for a new tool. 

ANY claim for replacement MUST include a photo of the broken tool (send to Acceptance or rejection of a claim shall be at our discretion. 

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