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Simple Evening Bundle

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A 3 step bundle to simplify your routine.

After cleansing, spray or wipe the skin with Seawater Mist Toner. This helps to balance pH while preparing your skin for what's next in your regimen. Apply a few drops of Goddess Omega Oil for deep moisturizing benefits and vitamin C antioxidants. Finish with a smooth layer of Plankton Peptide Cream to seal in hydration and stimulate collagen producing peptides while you get your beauty sleep. The layering of seaweed based products helps to calm redness, increase cell turnover and detoxify the skin. 



Toning ocean mist is ideal for balancing skin flora and encouraging deeper product penetration. Formulated with pure seaweed, botanical acids, and blemish-fighting essential oils, this seawater spray restores minerals and nutrients while gently providing micro-exfoliation.



A complex blend of aromatic botanicals, Vitamin C, and seaweed extracts, this facial oil has grounding, cleansing, and spiritually uplifting qualities. Apply lightly to clean skin for an all-day glow, or layer with serums and moisturizers for ultra hydration.



A rich seaweed-based facial cream that hydrates, repairs and protects the skin from environmental aging factors. Plankton enzymes contribute to cellular healing and repair the skin from UV damage. Hexapeptides deliver a rich concentration of ocean minerals and collagen-producing proteins.



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