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Pore Press Tool

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A stainless steel pore cleaner for deeper and more complete removal of skin impurities. Use on clean skin no more than once per week. 


Intended Use:

This tool is intended for use in the T-zone area of the face (forehead, nose, and chin). It helps remove residue from pores when you apply gentle sliding pressure over the hard surfaces of the face. This tool is not designed for use on the cheeks or for extracting large blemishes.

You may use on clean, dry skin. To reduce skin irritation we recommend applying a light layer of oil to the skin 5 minutes before starting your pore cleaning routine. The added oil will soften the skin and reduce any irritation or redness resulting from the process. 

Using light to medium pressure is key. If prolonged redness or bruising occurs, stop using the tool for at least a week to allow the skin to heal. 

Full Routine: 

For a full facial routine, start by steaming the skin (in a hot shower is fine), perform your pore cleaning routine with your Pore Press, and follow up with our Marine Clay Mask on areas that need more purification. 


To Clean Your Tool: 

Run your Pore Press under very hot water (or soak) to loosen to oil plugs. Spray or wipe with alcohol swabs (or cotton with added solvent). Use a toothpick for anything particularly stubborn. Repeat this process until your Pore Press is completely clean. Store in a dry place. 


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