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Velvet Pouch + Replacement Policy

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$18.00 USD

A velvet pouch and replacement policy for the Venus Sculpting Tool or the Classic Medicine Woman Tool.


A replacement policy for the Nephrite Jade Medicine Woman Tool or Spirit Stone. 


If you ordered the Venus Sculpting Tool or the Classic Medicine Woman Tool, by ordering this policy you will be eligible for our tool replacement benefit, and also receive a velvet pouch for convenient storage.

If you ordered a Nephrite Jade Medicine Woman Tool or Spirit Stone, by ordering this policy you will be eligible for our tool replacement benefit (your original purchase comes with a pouch). 



To activate your replacement policy for tools previously purchased, we require a recent photo of your intact tool. Please send the photo in an email to with the subject line Intact Gua Sha Tool. No photo is required for a tool purchased simultaneously with a policy.


Details of Replacement Policy

This policy gives you one replacement of your tool (same tool only) within 2 years of original order.   

Outside the American states this "replacement" will take the form of a 100% off code for a new tool. 

ANY claim for replacement MUST include a photo of the broken tool (send to Acceptance or rejection of a claim shall be at our discretion. 

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