The Future of Skincare is the Wisdom of the Past



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made from Serpentine, or “new jade”

This healing stone was designed and created with the intention of aiding you in achieving your higher purpose and your best face. Serpentine, known as the snake stone, was considered magical among ancient healers who used this crystal stone as a “medicine” for the proverbial snakebite. The energy of serpentine can be used to promote healing on a physiological and psychological level, raising the vibration of the user. 

Each side of this tool has an intuitive purpose and is designed to promote healing. It has been crafted with the intention of encompassing all styles and shapes of guasha tools into one unique stone. 



  • Large comb stimulates sensory nerves the scalp, which relaxes facial muscles while inducing a sedative state of consciousness (great to do around bedtime to calm nerves). 
  • Shallow long-curved edge is ideal for stimulating lymphatic fluid through the cheeks, neck, mid-face, and forehead
  • A wide concave groove at the top fits the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrow to break up collagen adhesions and increase facial muscle tone. The upper tip of this “V” can also be reinforced by the user’s thumb to apply pointed pressure to a stubborn adhesion in the neck. 
  • A short straight edge at the bottom sits perfectly on the upper cheekbone to remove puffiness and fluid from the “bags” under the eyes 
  • A micro-comb edge also at the bottom is wonderful on forehead wrinkles, upper eyelid swelling, and stimulating collagen and fine lines above the mouth.

Properties of Serpentine 

  • Stimulates overall energy and skin detox 
  • Promotes regeneration, helping to clear away any psychic/cellular debris 
  • Clears blocked energies allowing a healthy natural flow of oxygenated blood to all tissue 
  • Encourages the growth of collagen, softening the signs of skin aging