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Custom Blend  | Rose + Sea Buckthorn Oil
Custom Blend  | Rose + Sea Buckthorn Oil

Custom Blend | Rose + Sea Buckthorn Oil

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A fall fragranced facial or body oil that deeply hydrates, nourishes dry skin and gives the skin a sun kissed glow. Use as a cleansing oil, add to your bath, blend with your moisturizer, apply to the neck and body, or use on its own as a nourishing facial oil. 
Ingredients: Lavender, rose and calendula flowers soaked for 3 weeks in a blend of sea buckthorn oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, carrot seed oil and evening primrose, then naturally fragranced with organic essential oils of neroli, sweet marjoram, rose moroc, vetiver, cedarwood and clary sage.
Aroma: herbal, floral, sultry, fresh, deep
Nourishment: Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, gamma-linoleic acid + omega 3 fatty acids

Skin: Softens skin, calms inflammation, disinfects and moisturizes skin
Unique: Aromatic essences blend with your own natural oils, every person will absorb and wear this aroma differently
Therapeutic: Inhale powerful stress-relieving botanicals all day
Energy: relieves tension, calms the mind, and promotes self reflection