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You want the truth? Water from a municipal tap is full of…stuff, and that ubiquitous pitcher filter isn’t doing much about it, you need a purifier. Seriously, compare Brita to Berkey, it’s almost funny. With over 70% of your body (skin included!) being made up of water, you can’t afford not to give yourself the cleanest you can get.   Berkey has economical options that will not only clean up what’s in your cup but also eliminate the need to buy bottled, which could help keep coastlines cleaner as well.

Bottom line: if you don't have a quality filter, you BECOME the filter.



B12 is an energy vitamin that you literally could not live without. Every cell in the body uses it in metabolic processes, and E3Live is loaded with an easily absorbable, organic form of B12, along with trace amounts of over 60 other nutrients. It’s a marine "multivitamin" you definitely want to meet for immune support, energy, and healthy skin. This is also our favorite source of spirulina, another energy-boosting nutrient powerhouse. 



You know that glorious, warm-on-the-inside feeling you get when you step out into the sunlight? That’s what happens when far infrared light (FIR) penetrates your skin, and it feels good for a reason. These professional-grade therapy mats deliver FIR and more at the touch of a button. Some models can generate pulsed electromagnetic fields and negative ions, which have therapeutic benefits you have to feel to believe. Embedded with gemstone crystals, these therapy mats elevate the vibration of your #skinwithin  CLICK BELOW FOR 10 PERCENT OFF!


Infrared Negative Ion Therapy Mats



Meal replacements and protein powders can be a convenient way to control appetite, or add important nutrients to your diet. But are there any that taste great while also containing zero crazy ingredients? We’ve found a few, and Ample has them all. 

Ample is unique in that it takes a base formula that includes key supplementation—like vitamin D, calcium & magnesium—and builds diet-specific variants off that, including vegan, keto, and original. Compare ingredients, try a few, and we think you’ll agree that Ample is the best product of its kind.  Click here to check out some of our favorite go to meal replacements




Some people may be familiar with the effects of sound on plant life.

Sound = vibration, and all things vibrate, though not all vibrations are good for you. Why does the din of automobile traffic or an angry voice feel unsettling? Because it is! HUSO is technology that enables you to bathe yourself in sonic energy that has a healthy resonance with your body, helping to offset negative environmental effects. Aside from being incredibly relaxing, the right sonic energy can promote healing and regeneration at the cellular level.