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Pro Tool Bundle
Pro Tool Bundle
Pro Tool Bundle

Pro Tool Bundle

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Master your skincare game with the Pro Tool Bundle. Your skin loves a variety of treatments, this bundle is perfect for raising the vibration of your skin and helping you age with grace. 


Some benefits may include: 

- Reduction in facial puffiness

- Reduction in wrinkles 

- Plumper collagen 

- Brighter eyes 

- Contoured jaw, chin and cheeks 

- Clearer complexion 

- Reduction in jowls 

- Softer skin 

- Balanced emotions and/or hormones 

- More lifted face 



Venus Sculpting Tool - made from Rose Quartz. Has a smooth surface and many angles for sculpting the face, toning muscles, releasing tight fascia and draining lymphatic fluid and toxins from the face. 

Medicine Woman Tool - made from New Jade. Can be used for face and body to break up muscle tension or connective tissue. This tool is easy to hold and great for first time users to gua sha. It is primary used for lymphatic drainage and/or scalp massage. 

Energy Wand - made with an Aventurine gemstone head. When turned on, it vibrates 6,000 times per minute which helps to increase sluggish skin, press products into deeper layers, and aids detoxification, circulation and oxygenation of skin cells. 

Storyteller Reflexology Tool - made from stainless steel. The metal tip encourages stimulation of the body's own electrical signals. Regular use balances energy of the body, the skin, emotions and all body systems. Stimulates deep relaxation which helps turn on the body's self healing capabilities. Breaks up tight fascia and collagen adhesions on the face responsible for puffiness, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and dull skin.