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The Essentials Bundle for DRY Skin
The Essentials Bundle for DRY Skin
The Essentials Bundle for DRY Skin

The Essentials Bundle for DRY Skin

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The Essentials for DRY Skin

Sea Silk Wash  

Balancing without overdrying

A silky, non-foaming, pH balancing cleanser formulated with rich sea minerals from organic laminaria algae to increase circulation while cleansing away surface impurities and dead skin cells.

Mermaid Face Toner

A hydrating mist and antioxidant facial toner formulated with seawater, white tea, and marine algae. Plankton extracts accelerate the natural repair process from UV damage.

Earth Pearl Serum 

Calms redness - reduces wrinkle formation - plumps collagen

A rich, velvety serum composed of mineral-rich seaweed extracts and full-spectrum oils and powerful anti-inflammatory agents to reduce redness and calm skin irritation. 

    C Weed Omega Oil

    A calming facial oil crafted with seaweed extracts, vitamin C esters, anti-inflammatory essential oils, and astaxanthin (powerful antioxidant from seaweed). Marine extracts add minerals to the skin while omega oils nourish cell membranes to prevent cellular breakdown. Apply a light layer for daytime or massage into skin as a bedtime beauty ritual. Combine or layer with serums and moisturizers for a dewy complexion.