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Texture Radiance Bundle *Limited Edition*
Texture Radiance Bundle *Limited Edition*
Texture Radiance Bundle *Limited Edition*
Texture Radiance Bundle *Limited Edition*

Texture Radiance Bundle *Limited Edition*

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This bundle is a powerful combination of Eno ultrasonic technology and Beauty Shamans seaweed-based skincare, designed to help you create a smoother texture and more radiant skin. 


This limited edition bundle includes: 

Beauty Shamans Mermaid Face - a hydrating essence spray that helps prevent oxidative damage while infusing skin with potent oceanic minerals. 

Beauty Shamans Nori Oxygen Gel Serum - a lightweight, hydrating gel serum to be worn underneath moisturizer. It contains powerful red algae, seaweed minerals, vitamin C esters, and liquid oxygen to help boost collagen production and skin detox.

The Eno Device by Olura - A patented dual-sided device that performs gentle ultrasonic exfoliation, micro-pulse sculpting, and promotes deep product infusion.  

Eno package includes:

  • Eno Device
  • Charging Base
  • Charging Cable
  • User's Manual

Use guidelines


The Eno’s gentle vibrations help release dead skin cells to immediately boost radiance, clear pores, and improve the penetration of your skincare products.

Turn the exfoliation side of the device on and gently glide against wet skin (either spray or dab skin with room temperature water throughout this step). Be sure to stretch skin taut so the device can effectively remove dead skin cells. Note: Skin must be wet for the ultrasound technology to effectively remove surface dead skin. 



Apply Nori Oxygen Gel Serum to freshly exfoliated skin. Turn the device over and press the serum into the skin using the product infusion side.

Spritz a little Mermaid Face periodically to keep the serum wet. Repeat on other side of the face.

The Eno’s combination of vibration and ultrasound creates space between skin cells, making it up to 20 times more effective at infusing products into the deep layers of the skin than applying by hand. The result is a dewy complexion that appears more healthy and vibrant.

Start your strokes from the center of the face, moving toward the outside for added lymphatic drainage benefits and to facilitate "step 3". 



The Eno’s 350,000 pulses per second help refine the appearance of your cheeks, jawline, and eyes while stimulating the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to your cells. End your routine by enjoying a few minutes of this massaging action.