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Sunny Skin Bundle
Sunny Skin Bundle

Sunny Skin Bundle

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The Summer Skin Bundle is here and only for a limited time! Each product was hand-selected to provide nourishment and protection while you play in the sun! 


Sol Veil SPF - An aloe-based antioxidant daytime moisturizer with added SPF. This is a great daily moisturizer that helps to soften skin while protecting it from harsh UV rays. Wear daily and reapply as needed. 

Mermaid Face - A cooling ocean mist that hydrates the skin, supports healthy skin flora, and reduces skin redness and inflammation. Plankton extracts and white tea polyphenols repair skin and protect from free radical damage. Use throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate. 

Shell Scruban algae-based exfoliating cleanser that gently removes dead skin while maintaining the lipid barrier. Use this up to 4x a week if you have oily skin during the summer. For dry skin, use 2-3x a week in place of your cleanser. 

Clear Glow Omega Oil -A stimulating and refreshing algae-based facial oil ideal for acne-prone skin. Vitamin C and astaxanthin help repair damaged skin cells. An exotic blend of blemish-fighting aromatics promotes a clear complexion while nourishing omega oils calm inflammation and maintain skin hydration. Use after cleansing to repair the lipid barrier, encourage detoxification and heal inflammation. Combine or layer with serums and moisturizers for an extra glow.