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Cleansing System Bundle
Cleansing System Bundle

Cleansing System Bundle

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A full cleansing system for every day of the week!


Cleansing Beauty Oil - removes dirt, makeup, and pollution particles from skin. Softens dead skin cells and moisturizes as it cleans. For all skin types. 

Sea Silk Wash - gentle seaweed cleanser with no harsh chemicals or SLS. For daily use. 

Shell Scrub - facial exfoliant with detoxifying spirulina and volcanic pumice stones. 


Remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria from the skin with Cleansing Beauty Oil every evening. Massage it into the skin for 2 minutes minimum, or until the skin feels a bit warm. Remove thoroughly with a warm washcloth. Follow this step with Sea Silk Wash, or substitute for Shell Scrub about 3 times a week for normal skin. 




Please note: Do not open airless containers for any reason. Once opened, the seal is broken and the pump will no longer function.