Your Body Armor Is Here

Like many useful things, the development of body armor was somewhat of an accident. We were thinking about gifts we could give during an upcoming holiday season and decided that rather than purchasing presents, we would give away gifts made by hand and with love.

This didn't happen 100% (many people got books!) but we did end up making some great skin salves for our closest friends and family to enjoy. After the new year, we received so much positive feedback on the salves and even had people asking for more! Many of our first users began telling us about their experiences, saying that it had eliminated their dry patches, cured their chronic itching, healed their eczema, and so on. 

​As two people who were already active in the world of health and wellness, we knew we could not allow this new creation to remain unknown. From this, Beauty Shamans was born.

Organic red rose buds, chamomile and licorice root are simmered in a blend of extra virgin coconut oil and avocado oil for hours before being infused with organic beeswax and our signature blend of essential oils to create a nutrient dense skin salve for virtually all skin ailments. While its elegant and earthy aroma can be used for both ladies and gentlemen, its most valuable attribute is its ability to deliver phytonutrients and moisture binding elements directly to our largest organ, the skin.

As fun as it is to create products, we especially love educating our customers about the benefits of choosing organic skincare made with REAL ingredients. Would you ever eat lighter fluid, laundry detergent, bleaching agents, or rubbing alcohol (maybe, if you were desperate and in a pinch on a friday night)? Many commercial skincare products out on the market today contain ingredients that are also found in those very things just mentioned, and when you use it on your skin, you essentially eat it.

At BeautyShamans, we pride ourselves on being informed consumers; we read labels and decide if we want that particular product to become a part of us, whether it’s dinner, insect repellent, or last night’s face mask. We know that our fellow informed consumers will love and appreciate the composition and effectiveness of our organic & wildcrafted Body Armor skinfood. 

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